Suikoden II

Hey Guys,

I love Suikoden. But after looking for the sequel online, I find that people are demanding upwards of 100-130 bucks for the game!! WTF??? Why is this game so damn rare? Did they decide "gee, this game isn't selling well, let's discontinue the product, make it obscenely rare for a three year old release, and let @s&h*les make tons of money off of it!" I'd really like to own a copy of this game, not do the warez scene, so I can prepare myself for Suikoden III? Can I get it cheap ANYwhere?? Thanks a lot guys.
Damn, I didn`t know people suddenly decided that game was "rare". I bought mine when it came out for less than $40, and sold it a year and a half ago for about 20 to BRE Softare. I was curious when I read your post, so I checked their website. Guess what amigo, you`re in luck- $30.

bre software

My guess is you could probably find it in Toys R US or Kay Bee`s for the same. But everyone`s first instinct is to check the web for the best deals these days. But BRE is a reputable company that I`ve dealt with several times, so don`t hesitate to order from them.

I dug up a review I wrote awhile ago that I submitted to They didn`t use it. The bastards. Here goes if you`re interested:

  • In a day where killer graphics and new innovations are becoming standard in an rpg, is Suikoden 2 worth getting? Absolutely! Any rpg with a great story that keeps you coming back for more is worth getting in my book, and Suikoden 2 has this in spades. Like in the first Suikoden, you play the role of a young man who is forced to turn against his native kingdom and join a rebellion to fight the injustice and corruption in the world. Along the way, part of your mission is to find new recruits to help you fight and join the community in your castle. There are supposed to be 108 characters that will join you, and finding them all greatly helps with the replay value. Expect to beat the game in about 30 to 40 hours, and that's without finding all the characters. That's certainly an improvement over the first Suikoden's 20 or so hours of gameplay. Suikoden 2 also features improved graphics. At first glance they'll seem about the same, but after going back and playing the original, you'll notice they are cleaner and more detailed, especially the character portraits. The graphics of the spells are very much improved, though they usually don't compare well to something like FF7's summoners. One thing though- why couldn't they make those overworld graphics better?!? Suikoden 1's overworld visuals were terrible, and S2's are only slightly better. I should also mention the intro, which looks fantastic and really pumps you up for the game. There are also a few video clips that play during the game, though they're a little short.

    New to Suikoden 2 are the army battles. Previously, these were done in a 'rock, paper, scissors' sort of fashion, but now they are more similar to Shining Force where movement and positioning are more important. They still rely too much on luck however. Whether or not your attack will hit depends on the strength of your group and the strength of the enemies' group. It's too bad the first few army battles don't have any music playing in the background. How hard would that have been Konami? Speaking of the soundtrack, I had very high expectations since Suikoden 1 had one of the best soundtracks ever, and Suikoden 2 does not disappoint. Perhaps not quite as good as the first, you can still expect to find a fantastic blend of midevil and world tunes, with several remixes from the first game's music. Speaking of tie in's with the first game, since Suikoden 2 is an almost direct continuation of the events of the first game, you can expect to find many of the old characters, bringing you a nice sense of nostalgia. You can even load the save data from Suikoden 1 to allow you access to certain characters and events. One final thing though- I noticed a few bugs in Suikoden 2. The game crashed on me twice, but fortunately I had recently saved both teams. Hopefully Konami will keep their eyes open next time. I was also hoping the ending would be more drawn out- there was definately some unfinished business left.

    So the bottom line is that if you enjoyed the first Suikoden, or if you're a true rpg gamer who can look past a game's graphics, then Suikoden 2 is the game for you.
I dunno, I didn`t check the stock at the time. Tried some other good dealers I know, but didn`t see anything. Can you believe it`s going for $250 new at Damn.

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