What's your favorite kind of sushi and what is in it?
they call it a mexican roll(no clue why) it has a spicy mayo sauce with tempora batter in it and makrel(ya today is one of those i can't spell days)

also i like the spicy tuna roll it's almost the same but minus the tempora and with tuna.

also a spider role has a soft shell crab in it with other stuff(all vegs).

all time favorite dish soba(in soup)

finally a post i really like gots to love the fish LOL
I have yet to find a variety that I don't like. But instead of the customary wasabe or pickled ginger, I like fresh lemon on mine. Try it, you might be surprised. (Damn you Cynn! Now I've got a craving.)
since i'm talking and i like this post i'll post my most unliked sushi dishes.

monk fish liver (my god most terrible thing i tasted)

uni (i think that's how you spell it it's sea urchin) not that great always thought it tasted like snot
I'm not a really big fish eater, i prefer to have a saveloy with my large chips. Mmmmmmmm

Cant really get sushi down here, this is a mostly indian area. When i next go to london (just an hour and a half's train ride away) i'll go into Yo Sushi and order a bento-full of stuff. What the hell is soba anyway? is that the one where you grow whiskers if a girl eats it? :)
I'd say yes, but I know you. I prolly wouldn't live to tell of it.

anyways, raw fish isn't my thing, steak isn't either. I'll stick to cooked/fried fish and chicken for the most part.

I make an awesome pizza (well, minus the dough) and good fried potatoes.. although people tend to avoid both, since I like adding a pretty.. exotic mix of spices.
Sushi? tried it once wasn't really a fan. Personally I'd rather make a big plate of mexican food

I cook some great enchiladas and shredded beef tacos...

Shoot! now I'm hungry!!!
Sushi... how revolting. There's a reason I learned Chinese cooking, it's because they're the only people in Asia who know how to make food that TASTES GOOD...

And on that note I just realized it's almost 8:00. I'm thinking chengdu chicken, egg fried rice, and some kind of herbal tea tonight.
i just had some sushi....mmmmmm!

it was damn good.

i pretty much hate seafood in general, except for shrimps and some sushi. like shrimp, samon, or yellowtail rolls. also, rice with soy souce and that soup that they make...

mmmmmm! the place we get our sushi from is SUSHI GEN, its really fresh and really good

i used to hate sushi but my parents *forced* me to eat it and now i think that SOME sushi's are ok

but hey, id take a ribeye steak over sushi any day of the week
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What's your favorite kind of sushi and what is in it?

By starting this topic, are you implying that you like it raw? hint hint

You mean you don't like it raw?
I make a blinding spaghetti bolognaise, from scratch, no dolmio crap. and i am also getting good at making my national dish. Still prefer to get that one as a takeaway though. Mmm chicken madras, peshwari nan, round op poppadoms, basmati rice and extra hot lime pickle, fantastic!
Originally posted by MasterAkumaMatata@May 23 2002,22:57

[By starting this topic, are you implying that you like it raw? hint hint

I don't like it raw... I live for it raw.

are we talking about the same thing?
I personaly like Sashimi (Raw Seafood) more. The only thing you need to be carefull of is that you use saltwater fish. Freshwater fish contains parasites which need to be killed when you cook them. Wasabi is pretty good on Sushi and Sashimi, but you need to go to a good restraunt to get the strong stuff.

I think the Japanese food I dislike the most is Gioza, because its usualy overpriced, and is an identical rip-off/copy of a Chinese dish. Its vertualy identical! I suppose since they borrowed Chinese Writing, they might as well copy some food while they'r at it.