Swap Problem???

I'm new to Saturn Swapping, but i have gotten i working for model 2, but some games are not working(Dracula X, Duke Nukem, and others..) and some do work. The problem is it will just stay on the black sega screen and do nothing and other times it goes to the cd player and says different error messgaes. I put the cds in my comp and all the files are there. I tried chaningin the country code and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong or i there another special way to swap. Also some games will play and then later itll just boot me to the cd player. Another question I have is, Can your saturn get screwed up using the swap method, cause its been acting a little weird
Yes, the saturn can get damaged using the swap method if used improperly. From what you have said with some of the games you arent doing the swap method correctly because its dumping you to the cd player screen. try checking the country code on the disc. Plus with swapping you have to listen very carefully to the noises that the saturn makes. burn --> first big laser move --> original --> 2nd big move --> burn, as just a failsafe for my games to boot, I manually spin the games on the second swap, works every time.
thnx, i think my saturn has gotten messed up cause now time to time it will boot me from an original game. the motor stops and starts back up again. dammit