swap trick not work with all games?

i seem to be able to boot panzer dragoon and radiant silvergun every time. but other games refuse to boot. one example is Gun Frontier. whenever I reinsert the burned game, it goes to the cdplayer screen saying that the cd is unsuitable for the system. ive retried many times with the same result. anyone else experience this type of problem? pazner dragoon and radiant are also burned btw
If the message you are getting specifically says "Game disc not suitable", then you have a valid game, but you need to change the country code to make it work. The utility to do this is called "Satconv" and you can find it in the Miscellaneous Section
Just to add to that, if it's coming up with 'disc not suitable' then you most likely have a bad burn on your hands. You get this message because your Saturn is not recognizing the CD as a Saturn game.
Originally posted by Meteo@Nov. 13 2002, 1:07 am

doesnt the swap bypass the region code check?

im thinking psx swap trick so im prolly wrong

The swap trick only bypasses the copy protection so you can play CD-R copies; it does not bypass the region protection.
grahh... looks like ill be reburning a bunch of cds