swap vs. laser trick which is better

i was wondering which way is safer, the swap trick or the laser trick, i am quite confidnet i can perfom both, but i still need to know which one is ezier on my system and less difficult to perfom
I've never heard of the laser trick for booting Saturn games. I thought it was just for playing CD-RWs on the Saturn. The swap trick is the only method besides the modchip to play Saturn copies. I don't think I'd mess with the laser because there is a chance to break it, but there's really no reason why you would need to boot CD-RW unless you're programming Saturn games. CD-Rs are pretty #### cheap these days, got 110 for $16.

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k thx, i guess i wasn't under the impretion that the laser trick only worked for cd rw's when the guy explained it to me

thx for the info
no no, the laser trick just lets you play backed up saturn games that you burnt onto a cd-rw. You wouldn't be able to adjust the laser and just be able to play a cd-rw when you put it in. YOu would still need to do the swap trick.

Oh i didn't see he was banned. OH well, this little bit of info still may help hothers :)

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