Swaping discs works and doesn't?

Swaping discs works and doesn't?

Hi, just wondering if this has ever happened to people out there before,

Swap 1: inserted original game, and then copy, the game goes into title screen but doesn't load.

Swap 2: inserted copy, original, then copy, the games boots up fine.

Plz post your experiences, because i read one of those faqs on burning, and it says my burner shouldn't burn at Mode 1(2048), but i did, and it works?


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Swaping discs works and doesn't?

Yes, this is a well-known problem. The single-swap method causes the Saturn to use the incorrect TOC (the one from the original), which causes problems reading the disc.

As for not burning in Mode 1, I'm not sure what tutorial/FAQ you read, but I suggest you stay away from it in the future. Saturn discs are typically mixed-mode Mode 1 + audio, with a few media-heavy ones also having a Mode 2 track.
Swaping discs works and doesn't?

Man, thanks, wasted like 10 discs, trying different things out, and to find out, the 1st disc i burnt, was fine :[ and the rest didn't work : [ ???