Swaping on a Modle 2 Saturn

Hi I know how to swap with a modle 2 saturn but its just 2 hard sometimes I spend a half hour to load a game. does anyone have any tips that may help me like the bast game to use for a swap and stuff like that I ordered a modchip so I wont have to go through this much longer. Thanks to anyone who helps
Dude dont do it. STOP SWAPPING and wait for your mod to arrive. My cd drive is dead :( i counldn't wait till my modchip reach i swapped away like a king any and every game. yesterday was the last time a cd spin in my saturn.

Beware swapping is EVIL pour EVIL
HEY EVRY ONE WOOOOH!!!!!!!!! iam the happiest man alive I just got a new saturn aim gonna pick it up tomorow boy iam a lucky cahp :)

Oh yea to make swapping easier use the boot disk
ok iam cool now from all this celebration

The easiest way to get the boot disk working for you is

1 insert the game that your wanna play

2 when the lens go to read the cd proetection of course put in the original

3 after it has finished reading the cd protection, instead of puttin back in the game you wanna play, put int the boot disk

4 if your sucess full you'll see complete come up on the sega screen if you dont see it, reset the saturn.. if the saturn boots the bootdisk without any swapping you have don it right

5 Once youve don that insert the disk you wanna play and press reset it should boot like a dream

Not all games work with the boot disk so check out the games that do and dont

i found a way got to boot those that is said can't


bommer man

panza etc

if you caan't get it to work let me know
Try this method... I found this a LOT easier.

First put the backup into the Saturn and turn on the power. Leave the door open. The system will attempt to verify the disk and will eventually stop at the CD player screen. This will take about 30 seconds to a minute, depending on the disk.

Once the disk has stopped, remove it from the spindle and place an original disk on the spindle.

Make sure the sound volume is turned down so that you can hear the laser assembly motor. Hit the reset button on the Saturn and the disk will begin to spin.

The laser will [1] move to the outside of the disk (this will be the first thing you hear), [2] read the security code on the edge of the disk (you will also hear this), and then [3] move back to the inside of the disk (this will sound like the first noise.). When you hear the third noise, wait at least 1 second and then swap the disk. If the swap is performed correctly you will see the normal “Produced by or under license from Sega” screen, and the game will load. If not, turn the Saturn off and start over.