Ok ive been using the swap method for a while now, and I havent had any problems with it, but does anyone know if it hurts the motor or anything?
Yeah, it will probably shorten the life of the drive.

If you have a model 2 Saturn, a mod board would be a very good investment...

Self-evident surely? If you're constantly swapping discs on the drive, taking them off/putting them on the hub when you shouldn't (i.e. while the motor is still spinning!) then it's bound to cause increased wear and tear.

It does cause increased wear and tear on the drive, the motor should be allowed to spin up and spin down when it is told so by the unit, not abruptly by someone stopping it with their hand.
i've been swapping for a while now. about 2 years. i have started to notice lately that i have to swap back and forth 2-3 times on some backups before i can play. not sure if this is from swapping, ( i'd like to think i treat my baby very well) or just from being used so much for so long. anyway, i agree that if you're not careful when you swap, you definately can jack your saturn up.

I swapped for a bit, and now my saturn can be sorta sparatic about booting, my recoomendation would be only use the swap sparsely, and only on a model 1, because its a #### of a lot easier, and model 1's have a crappy drive anyway from what i understand, and will prolly start going up soon ( and 20 pin mods are near impossible to find)
I've been swappin since a couple of years....one thing is sure:If you cant do it,let it.You will probably destroy your Saturn ;)
urgh! I want to swap but i can't. I leave my sega saturn plugged in and all but everytime i turn it on it makes me set the clock date etc. Do i need a new battey or what?
BTW, gallstaff, the clock has nothing to do with swapping... I'm too lazy to replace my battery, but I've been swapping since I got my Saturn (two days ago...). All you needed to do was wait till it got to the scene with the saturn logo and swap just like the directions say.
Ok thanx....i was just kinda worried...Also, if anyones curious, the battery used in the saturn is the exact same type of bateries used in the Dreamcast's VMU. I just used one of those because Radio Shack was all out of them.
You should just use a second saturn for the swap so you can sacrifice that one off or even just install a mod chip into it.
aw fuck (yes, i said fuck, you gonna ban me now) i think i burnt it wrong. Ok, i swap and it brings up the audio menu and i get the audio, but not the game. Did i burn this wrong or am i swapping wrong?
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.... IF you actually ever TRIED to burn a cd then maybe i would take your critisism more to heart.

Because burning CDs is so hard...
it is when everytime i opena program it says "unsupported cd-r drive"

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