SX Online Video Stream

Hey eveyone, plz direct your eyes to the left of the screen to the link for the SX Stream Beta. Now, eveyone plz click it and view the stream. If anything goes wrong for u, plz post here saying what is wrong. If it works ok for u, thats ok. Just need to find any bugs it might have. Thx for all your help!

Oh yea, i already know about 56k users, it being slow for them

Any ideas u have for the stream wud be helpfull. We really need the public's help on this one. What do u want to see on the stream?????

I'll check my PC at home. On my work Mac, it promts for a plugin. Chances are it would work fine if I knew where/what plugin to add.
Yea, well it's made for Explorer. I haven't tested it for anything else. I heard it doesn't work on Opera. It asks to download a plugin, but I assume when u download the plugin, it will work ok.
Works in mozilla 1.4 beta in linux here

Although I am using the mplayer 6.4 plugin using crossover plugin
I think that's awesome! You should put tutorials on there... Like installing country switches, 50/60hZ switches, mod tutorials + techniques... A burning guide for all the troubled ones to minimize posts and have more visual learning

Just my thoughts
Hrm. It works fine on NS 7.01, but I really don't see what use it can serve. Unless maybe you wanted to start some kind of Sega music radio station. I can't see anything for video though.
Yo, on my Mac it also asks for a plugin. And there's no way I'm switching back over to my pathetic Windows machine. I wanna see this thing... whatever it is... What Plug-In do I need? When I click on Get Plug-In, it sends me to download Media Player. Which I already have. Hm... I'm gonna try it in Netscape 4.7.
Sweet looking intro so far, can't wait to see what else is in store

1 Minor thing to request... instead of the double Sega at the start have one genesis sonic startup play and the Sega scream from saturn at the end... just a minute thing that would rule....sorry im critiquing already

Great work...even ran nicely on my p.o.s. old computer here, quite surprising really.

Ok ppl, less with the bitching about the stream.
Some of u might not see the point in it, but when it's up and running, u will ever wondered how u lived without it. It's just a test at the moment, nothing more. The main purpose of it is to get a streaming Sega tv show runing with reviews, news, etc. and all that other crap that's in tv shows. We are still working on it. As for showing how modding is done, heheh, sorry ppl we can't do that. We wud probably get shut down or something, but we did talk that over for a bit. It would have been wicked! As for the double Sega sound at the start, that's a bug. The second Sega sound is supposed to say Xtreme, but we don't have a sample of that yet, so there
lol, I just thought of something... Have a new member covered each week on the stream... Show their life and what they do all day, give a profile of them.

Hah, I think it would be funny. Each week the person could mold their stream into what they want to do.

I am all for this and I think we should do that heh, might bring SX closer to know everyone, and know a little more than a person typing text.
Now taking submissions for people yelling into their mic saying "xtreme!"

Send your wav to meyitzo.

Best one gets a custom title
does it get put together with the Sega Scream?

now if I can remember where I put my mic

I haven't used it in a year or so
Yup, as you all have probably noticed, it says Sega twice on the SX intro. It's suppose to say Sega Xtreme, but I didn't have an Xtreme sound effect, so it got Sega twice. If any1 can send me a sample of Xtreme, it would help a great deal. Remember to shout it out.

Finally the SX Community has Streamin' Video! This is an excellent addition to the community!

Perhaps we can use these things to cover some tutorials and gaming events.. dunno