Tectoy Saturn

That pic of it looks pretty cool. Too bad the sites aren't in english. It'd be nice if they are moddable b/c I know someone who wants to mod but has the 20 pin ribbon cable.
Going by the picture it's a Skeleton Saturn without the "This is Cool" logo. But there's no guarantee the actual for-sale units look like that (though Tec-Toy did produce many rather cool variations of the SMS).
I have mailed them and they dp produce new Saturns and some games. Though they only distibute it to Brasilian stores. They also have Megadrive, Mastersystem and Dreamcasts for sale.
They must be contracted by Sega to only produce them in Brazil, which now means you have to find someone or somewhere from Brazil that is willing to sell one, sounds like i might have to take a look around.
A friend 'o mine just got a Tectoy Skeleton Saturn. It's pretty much the Japanese unit, with the region modified to US and the color system modified to PAL-M (basically, NTSC with PAL colors). The logo is the Japanese one, and also is the BIOS.

Ah, it's prolly a model2 too. Tectoy's models always reflected the Saturn models being sold in US (mine is identical to the US model1 Saturn), then when the US produciton halted, they started selling the Japanese models. There are both white and skeleton Tectoy Saturns (but only skeleton ones are made nowadays, I think).
Wow awesome. It's great to know Saturn's are being made again :cheers

What about controllers? Does this mean I can get my grubby paws on skeleton or white controllers?
All we gotta do now is find someone who can understand portugese and get them to source some of those wonderful consoles/controllers so we can buy them.
Originally posted by Adrock@Aug 30, 2003 @ 06:03 PM

They must be contracted by Sega to only produce them in Brazil

Actually, they are (or at least they used to be) something like "Sega Brasil", they are (or used to be) officially linked to Sega, like Gradiente used to be with Nintendo. And although Tec Toy apparently still produces Saturn and Dreamcast, I can only find SMS and Mega Drive for sale.

BTW, recently I've been to some kind of flea market and I was impressed to see how active the market for old games is here.
Geez, that's *my* Saturn. The same gigantic box :p

'Cept mine came with VF Remix (they just put a "REMIX" sticker next to the VF logo in the box).

BTW, if anyone is planning to mod that after buying, forget it. It's a pure-breed model 1.
the auction says it is US region encoded but outputs a PAL-M signal... does that mean it requires specific PAL-M games or does it run NTSC games with PAL-M?
It does NTSC games. PAL-M is merely NTSC (same resolution, 60Hz) with PAL color encoding.

AFAIK, Tectoy merely imported their games directly from SOA (without the boxes and manuals, of course), and did their own packaging and manuals. They never printed any Saturn, SegaCD or DC games.

While they translated Riven into portuguese, I think the game was pressed either in USA, Europe or Japan.
Originally posted by Adrock@Sep 2, 2003 @ 06:04 AM

You could ship them to portugal for us lovely European members of the board and then send them to us :D

I´m from Brazil. Do you want anything from here? I would be glad to help. From fan to fan.