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Always with the questions, I know I know. It's just people here are so knowledgeable. I'm not sure why Sega fans are different from those who populate other boards (ie, intelligent, firm grasp of the english language, proper use of caps/punctuation, etc.), but I'm glad.

Alright, on with the question.

I want a text editor, like Windows Notepad - same basic features, but I want the ability to bold/underline/italicize items. I want it to load as fast as notepad does now. And none of that Multiple Document Interface biz, that's just annoying.

I tried wordpad, but that thing takes up a lot of resources. I've tried roughly 10 text editors - they either just plain suck, have too many (useless) options, or change all the text to bold/underlined/italicized.

In my experimenting I managed to delete the original notepad, so no more experimenting.

I found one (based on the description), but the website no longer exists. It was called Davy's HyperPad.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for all your help .
I am very forgetful, so I like to take notes. Depending on the situation I use either a regular notepad (3 for $1) or my pseudo PDA (Royal Excelsior - it does it's job). But for the most part I'm on my laptop a good amount of time, so I remember to look at 'to do.txt' etc. more often.

As for wordpad - I learned of this a while back. It's pretty much a programming 'bug'.

Simply speaking, when you open multiple windows of the same item, you want it to access the same set of operating data. You can imagine it as a tree, with a single node branching out. It's highly efficient that way.

Wordpad doesn't do that. It instead opens a brand new set of operating data. After opening five or more of these wordpads, you start running out of resources for other important things. And when you have only 64MB RAM on a P1 (Not II, just 1), things get unwieldy.

All that said, I really like Notepad's basic menu. It's fast, and convenient.

I'm going to look into those links now - thank you very much for them.

-EDIT- Unfortunately I did try all those. However, after trying these other programs, Win32Pad looks a lot better than the rest, as it was one of the first that I tried. But thank you.
Hehe - I'm not really surprised you had already tried them all, and I'm not really surprised to hear of that 'bug' in worpad either.

I think the case is that what you are after is just too much like wordpad for anyone to bother replacing it. Nevermind, maybe some enterprising programmer will come with a solution one day (hint, hint
I figure wordpad has too many options - I don't really need anything except bold/italicize. I like the font, the simple menu system, etc.

As for making it, I might. However, is it really worth the effort? I could just learn to use tab/space or something but it'd probably get on my nerves, not to mention waste time.

Based on the description of Davy's program though, it sounds exactly like what I want - it does three things: ability to open files greater than 64kb, bold/italicize data, and word wrap.

Ah well.
Have you tried the classic editors, and <a href="http://www.vim.org">VIM? They take a bit to get used to, but you should be able to do everything you want with them. (Why XEmacs instead of GNU Emacs? Because it has a better Win32 version.)

If you'll settle for a console app, Semware's editors are great, and the only ones I used in the DOS days.

But I have a related question: Where can I find the ultimate programmer's font? The requirements are:

-fixed-width (of course)

-the number zero and capital O must be easily distinguishable

-same with the number one and lowercase l

-bold letters must be the same width as normal ones!


-free, if possible

I usually use Courier New, but it has identical O's and zeros, or Andale which distinguishes them but fails the width requirement (which in turn messes up syntax highlighting) and most other fonts fails both requirements.