The aiwa mega cd portable radio/cd player!

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rare my ass my friend was over in japan and the person he was staying with had one.

That doesnt mean it's not rare, I have plenty of 'rare' things, doesn't mean they're not rare though
Isnt that the same thing cecelia-chan had a pic of from hong kong? i bet there are tons of them out there just they havnt made it to the west, this guy is almost as much of a complete muppet for selling it at that price as the muppet who buy's it
Isnt that the same thing cecelia-chan had a pic of from hong kong?
I think you're right soldermonkey.

I found the thread it was in, but geocities is down at the moment, so I couldn't double check. ???
Yes, Cecilia has the same player except she probably didn't pay freaken $600+ US for it LOL
And ya, just because its not in the US dosn't mean its rare. Someone just wants to scam a bunch of people and take them for a ride.
Doesn't look like anyone's interested, at least not for his ridiculous $699 price tag.

But if you think that's bad you should have saw it before, he had it listed originally for $2,000 starting bid! I guess he thinks $699 is a HUGE discount LOL
anyone know the oringal price for that thing? (when it was first released) it was probably about $4-500 at the most
(after you convert to usd) i just don't remeber seeing anything close to that as expensive as that (lol, and on ebay for that matter, where a starting bid is usually low
Hey guys,

I have a cold, so im kinda going crazy right now

I took a look at the ebay auction and ya, its the same unit except he's giving everyone a super deal by reducing his $2000 player at almost $700 bucks.
Not to mention, that only gets you only a used machine!

As for being rare, Awia is just another manufacture like Sony or Shinco. You can walk into any electronics store and find Awia or other brand products. For instance, Shinco sells a model DVD player which can play Mega Drive games on CD-R (I think I had a picture of the game disks posted looooong ago.). I guess most people in North Amarica would say "Oh wow, thats rare!" but really its just another off the self item. Its just a Chinese manufactured item... That and the fact in the US the company would be sued for any number of copyright/patent infringments, as well as distributing "Pack-in" games which they don't own.

I think what people in the US consider rare, most Chinese think otherwise. And what a lot of Chinese consider rare, it probably is really rare. I think its because even if it was trully rare, some Chinese manufacture (Legal or not) would make copies or duplicates of the hardware or game to cash in and make it cheap. But on the other hand, if some Chinese people in HK can't find something... whoa! It probably is rare, simply for the fact they couldn't copy it, or there is no demand for it.

I think whats rare now in HK is Sega Saturn CD-Rs. I remember long time ago they used to sell blanks with the security ring already pressed on it. But it was really expensive (Like $100 US for 5 CDs). But really early in the game when Mod boards and other things came around and started to be very cost effective, who would pay that kind of money? Especialy since a Mod board works on all CDs.
Ya, I don't know what those guys were smoking or thinking. All that time and money probably waisted on development and manufacturing those hard to make CDs. They could have just spent less money and used it all for development on how to bypass the protection in the first place. And they did end up doing that after anyways with the Mod boards!!!!

But I have to admit, some of their "Alternative" solutions which they came up with before mod boards were pretty funny/intresting. That "Super Magic Strong Card v1.0" was pretty odd. Until they came to their sences and made a Mod.
yamaha has a burner in proto type that could burn the security ring as an image. i can't wait till they release the software for it
Come to think of it, I wonder if those SS CD-Rs really worked. I never got any, I only remember looking at the pack, but I wouldn't be supprised ether way. Most HK manufactures are ether very crafty (Copyprotection braking), and/or, very cheap (Just wants to make a buck to cheat people). I think when it comes to pirating, the US is kinda slow. I think that PSX Exchanger boot disk or whatever was really late (Like many years after the Chinese mods). I remember a friend who bought a n64 game thinking it was a great deal, but it turns out the pirate was an empty cart. No chips inside at all! Thats pretty funny.
I think when it comes to pirating, the US is kinda slow.

That depends on when you're talking about. In the 1980s when all it took for disk/tape-based apps was knowledge of 6502 or Z80 and some time, the US was right up there. It's only in industrial piracy that far east nations really have an advantage.

I think that PSX Exchanger boot disk or whatever was really late (Like many years after the Chinese mods).

That's because there really wasn't much of a market for it until after the SCPH-900x models were released. Before then, someone who didn't want to bother with a chip install would just get one of the so-called "Game Enhancer" carts (which, by the way, were based on hardware developed by an English company and software developed by a Japanese hacking group, as long as you're interested in attributing innovation to countries).
figures, the english are good at inventing and the japanese are good at innovating. Just watching the evolution as the english version of "robot wars" Its just so satisfying watching Hypnodisc utterly desimate the opposition. Seemed to have a trademark move of tearing out the opponents batteries and then spraying them all over the arena this time...

You never know, they might actually win the wars this time round