The Best emulators for DC

Hello all, a long time since I posted here, cool to see things are the same

Anyways, my question (as titled in the subject) is which emulators work 100 % speed for the DC (or near 100%)?

I was thinking of emulators for nes, master system, megadrive, snes or any other arcade emulators.

Thanks in advance

The Observer

P.S. Whatever happened to the Genesis mp3 section? Midi sucks compared to what you had earlier.
SMEG (Master System), Dream-o-Rama (SG1000), DreamSpec (Sinclair Spectrum) are all spot on and full speed. There are others too that run well, I think if you go to DC Emulation and click on the various emulators on the left, there is a summary of the performance and compatibility of the emulator.
dreamnes runs painfully slow on a lot of stuff

lightgun support's a great idea, but other than yoshi safari it doesn't work at all

that colecovision emulator works great though as do the atari 800 and msx emulators
Thanks for all the answers, I've tried NesterDC and it works 100% for me, but i got curious about SMEG now....better try it out! Thanks again!
Yeah Nester and SMEG are the only ones I frequent often.

Their interfaces are quite nice too.

You can also switch ROMS without rebooting quite easy if you have the ROMS on the Emu disk.
There's also SegaGEN (aka Echelon ROM Loader, it's basically a ripped Sega Smash Pack). that's the best MegaDrive emu out for DC. Good luck finding it though. I searched the net for days before I found it.
So is this SegaGen just for a couple of games or can you use them with any game? In that case, how accurate is the "emulator"?
The speed is almost 100%. Compatibility is about 85% (trying with 400 games). The sound in most of the games is NES quality. And if you think to burn SegaGEN, then find Lemec Loader. It's interface is two time more easy to control than original.