The final word on TVs

Ok, this is not another LCD vs. CRT thread. I am more interested in knowing about what's better for specific systems.

I've tried my Atari 2600 on an LCD with poor results. The screen changes brightness based on what's on the screen at the time. Whenever the UFO shows up, the screen goes dark.

But anyway, I am going to work with the assumption that 8bits look better on CRTs. NES looks much better when the pixels are not so big.

What about SEGA systems? Genesis? Saturn? It looks like Dreamcast may benefit from a modern tv because it has a few HD games, and I have a VGA box for it. But I'm not so sure about Saturn and Genesis. What do you think for each Sega system? Am I better just keeping my CRT for all of them?


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The Saturn looks really good on my LCD. My Dreamcast does as well, obviously with it's VGA box. Basically, the oldest console I'd go on a modern TV while still looking good, is the 3DO. Of course, play them in 4:3 mode. My 3DO and Jaguar look great, as does my Nintendo 64 as well.


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I don't have any experience with older systems on LCDs, but some systems are just hackier than others in how they generate their video signals. 2600 and NES are quite hacky; SMS (for example) is less so.


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vbt said:
Would SMS games using 3d glasses work correctly on a LCD screen ?
I don't know of anything inherent in an LCD screen that would make them not work, but IIRC it would probably depend on whether the signal is deinterlaced before being displayed. I wouldn't be surprised if most LCD TVs do deinterlace.