The horde!

I was looking at the SX store and I saw that game for saturn. Never played it on that as I had the speech version for PC. Fun game reminds me of Dominus. I was wondering, how many played this game and did you ever beat it? I know I didnt LOL....was tough. =P
Yeah, I had it on the PC a while back.... good god that game was tough, but I enjoyed it.. Never finished it though
Got onto the penultimate level, but then bought a new game

EDIT: Dammit Myst! You got me thinking about it and I just seen the Saturn game for £5 and my impulse buy instinct kicked in

I expect £5 compensation in the mail...
HH its a fun game, PC was GREAT, Older game called "Dominus" was like it....cept you captured the monsters and could mutate them into your army. Was hard but ok. Horde was fun! I have the non speech one on my cds (Disk version) but its not same as the true speech version