The most disturbing horror flick you ever saw...

I recently picked up the DVD of "The Ring" last night. Great movie!!! Parts of it reminded me of when I played "Silent Hill" on the PSX in the dark.

I just wanted to know what movies do you all think are great in this respect?
The Ring is my favourite horror movie! Now I've -finally- seen both the original movie in Japanese and the remake, I think the American version is the best, and the scariest. The fact that it was the first version I saw may have had something to do with that...

I haven't seen The Eye, but they say it's a good movie.


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Bah. The Ring. First part almost put me to sleep. Middle part was okay, even if it didn't really make sense. But the last part was just plain insulting to the inteligent viewer. All I can say is that it was at least better than FearDotCom.

The only scene in a movie that ever truly made me jump was in The Devil's Advocate. Yeah, that one with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino as the devil. The scene where the women are in the dressing room trying on clothes. That's the only time a movie has ever made me jump.

There are a few other movies that have disturbed me, but what disturbs me about them isn't always supernatural monsters. Gator Bait disgusted me with the continuous rape scenes, they seemed too realistic. The scene where the chick gets raped by the tree in Evil Dead bothered me too. But they didn't make me jump, they just made my stomach turn.


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I'd say the most disturbing was Romero's Dawn of the Dead, when I first saw this, it was the scariest and most graphic movie I ever seen. When i watch it now, I can't help but laugh at some scenes. It's still a good movie though.

If we're talking scary here... then I'd have to say either Halloween 2 or Friday the 13th. The cheesy subtle 'ch ch ch ch' sound effect in Friday the 13th always gives me chills.


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When I was a little kid I remember Return of the Living dead scarring the crap out of me.

Ever since then I have been a big fan of the dead films.


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I actually find the horror of the unseen freakier than any graphic horror film.

The first Blair Witch Project does it for me, especially the very last scene...

To go slightly off topic, one of the funniest horror films I've ever seen is Peter Jackson's Brain Dead. Bad Taste is pretty cool too.


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I would say its a toss up, either The Exocist or the original Shining. Both movies I saw when I was very young, like 8 or so. Man, Exorcist had me creaped out for weeks. Especially when you consider that it is suppose to be based on a real account.
The Ring was... nice. The atmosphere was pretty nice in its murkiness, but the plot was... a bit weak.
By half of the movie you'd know the end 'cept for the copy thing is half-hearted logic to me.

The probably most disturbing movie-series, which is unrallied in terms of causing uproar would have to be the Guinea-Pig movies (Za Ginnipiggu). If you haven't heard about them read this. Haven't seen it... and I'm not really sure if I'm disturbed enough to make me wanna see it

Best effect on me was probably Blair Witch Project, as the subtility works great on me (especially if already uncalm because of your soda-filled bladder

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I don't tend to find horror films too disturbing, since you tend to go in with certain expectations.

Childrens films are often pretty sinister (when that girl blows up into a balloon on Willy Wonka for example).

I remember the thing that had the worst effect on me as a kid was when the dog got turned to mush in the transporter on The Fly II. Bad film, but it put me off eating certain foods for quite a while.


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Originally posted by Myname@Mar 24, 2003 @ 03:03 PM

Childrens films are often pretty sinister (when that girl blows up into a balloon on Willy Wonka for example).

And then there's that really freaky boat ride in the very same film.

In fact, that's not a very nice film for kids at all really.

It is one of my favorites though.