The Ram Carts

What games required the 1/2/4 meg rem cart. Plus, what games ran without the cart, but got frame rate improvments or some other form of improvment from using the ram cart? Acording to an ebay auction I saw today for a 4 in 1 cart, the games Radiant Silvergun and Dracula X get fram boosts from it, is their any truth to that statement?


Some guy looking for a reason to by an add on to his Saturn.
neither of those games support it at all.

many SNK games and pretty much all the Capcom "Vs" games support (or rather, require) it.
Well here's one list.

There was another one, but I can't find it right now.

Almost all of my saturn bookmarks are at work.

What does that tell you? ;)

[edit] Found the other one.

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Those lists are identicle, but thanks for the links Mal.

By the way, is their a way to modify a saturn game so that it gets improved fram rate from a RAM cart? (Gives it a 0.0000000001% chance of being possible)

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As far as I know, no game gets an in-game framerate improvement by using the RAM cart. Some games apparently display more frames of animation when using a RAM cart, but that's not the same thing. In any case, most console games don't need a framerate boost unless they were badly coded to begin with - the TV itself is usually the bottleneck.
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Those lists are identicle, but thanks for the links Mal.

Yes of course silly me.

One list has 23 games on it and the second, more complete one has 26 on it.

They must be identicle!
Sorry, I had only looked over them as a comparison for a couple of seconds. *smashes head into desk for not making sure they were the same before posting*