things i have to trade/sell

i have thought about it and i dont trust internet tradeing or selling.....what i havent decided to keep im putting in my local news paper
i posted what i want to get rid of again, due to the fact the guy tried to jip me and say he would pay me later,but ive added more items and gave better descriptions
well i dont know currentley i might have a deal going with segafreak

but i am mostley wanting to trade so if you have anything to trade please offer

i dont know if segafreak is wanting to trade

but if there is anything else that you like please post!


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Well, i do have a neo geo pocket game. And a rumble pack thing for the neo geo. Hmmmm... i can't say i have anything else though.


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go ahead and make an offer for the GameCube games, SegaSquad. the only things i'm interested in are the VirtualBoy and the Dreamcast games.
Originally posted by SegaSquad@Jun 11, 2003 @ 09:46 PM

Well, i do have a neo geo pocket game.

is it a plain neo geo pocket game? what game is it?

i actually might do it for the game and 12.00-15.00 bucks....i found a site that sells neo geo pockets for depending on the game i might do it...the question is would you