thinking of moding my saturn

hi. i just joined this forum, so forgive me if some of what i say sounds odd.

i have a model 1 saturn, oval shaped buttons, and i noticed on that they have a modboard that should work. i was thinking of ordering and i decided to get some expert advice first.

the questions i have are:

1. is this site legit?

2. has anyone ordered from here?

3. will that modboard work for my model 1?

4. i am located in the US and would you recommend i get the univeral key 3in1 to play import games?

5. i would prefer an internal chip that allows me to play imports. is there one available and, if so, where can i get one?

thanks for your help.
1. I believe the site is legit.

2. Gallstaff has ordered from there. Others may have too, I don't know.

3. Probably not. The Modboard they have pictured won't*, but I don't think anyone has ordered one yet to confirm.

4. I'd get an AR4M+ if you can get one. It gives you back up RAM, expansion RAM, cheats and lets you play imports. They have the Booster Pack 4M+, but some people have found them unreliable.

5. There is no internal chip for imports, but you can fit switches to change the region of your Saturn, or you could use Satconv (dos or win32) to change the country code of isos and bins prior to burning.

* unless you have one of the 21 pin oval buttons Saturns.
thanks for replying so quickly. i guess all i need to know now is if anyone has actually tried to install one of those modboards on their model 1 20pin saturn. after that i can, hopefully, get started.

thanks again.
I'd be very suprised if anyone has succeeded. Other stores have advertised 20/21 pin mods before that were 21 pin only.

But hey, lots of people would be very happy if they could fit both.:)