Thor/Oasis game on DC?


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I had read in a magazine some long time ago, that a remake of beyond oasis/story of thor was going to be released on the Dreamcast. I haven't heard zip of it since then, and I'm still waiting... does anyone know if it's been cancelled or delayed for release on another system. I'm tired of sega and their developers skipping systems, like uh.. phantasy star on saturn, couldn't get my hand on an import ps collection, and then there wasn't no dang scenario 2 and 3 for Shining Force in the US,(I tried to learn Japanese, but quit in fustration) there wont be a SF, i don't think, on the DC and then they forgot about Golvelius, he was cool, and there was Sword of Vermillion, which had a great soundtrack, and nice townspeople, except that little girl that stole the book.... anyway.... does anyone know if there's any Oasis activity and for that matter any Shining Force news??????????????
It's quite likely that it was cancelled, or it may have just been a rumor from the beginning; great series tend to attract them. By the way, the Thor/Oasis games are developed by Ancient.
Dc has had a lot of games canned for it. to name a few:

1. Geist Force (suppost to be a lanch title)

2. Black and White (came out for pc only)

3. Soul reaver 2 (canned when sega made dc death anouncment)

4. Castlevania Resurrection (WHY GOD, WHY!?)

5. Sonic Jam 2 (unconfirmed, but would have been nice if existed)

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Reading a Hyper>> magazine (u aussies may know it) from about a year or so ago, and in its release list they had Max Payne! LOL