Those of you having to reburn

Some of you are mentioning having problems with some discs, and it sounds like some of you need to try converting back to 2048, reburning, then reripping.

One thing you might consider is a virutal CD ROM emulator such as Daemon Tools (

Someone gave me a .cdi (DiscJuggler) image that I wanted to convert to .bin & .cue with CDRWin (I like DiscJuggler, but I prefer .bin/.cue, unless it's for a game with an unusual structure like Nights)

So instead of burning the disc, and reripping it with CDRWin, I just mounted the image with Daemon Tools, and pointed CDRWin to the "virtual drive" created.

It's pretty cool, appears to have worked fine, and the rip was very fast, of course =)

Just READ the info at their site, and don't install it if you have EZCD installed or your computer may lock up when you reboot.