Ti-83 emulator for ps2 or dc

Can someone make it? Shouldnt be hard. I know I do alot of programming on them so I know id like them....sounds silly but it DID have some GREAT games.....I guess its like C64....dont get tired of it. I can supply ROM dump and some basic info to those willing to try. OH YEA. There IS a USB to Ti link but I dont have it....only the serial one.
wouldnt mind a link for my TI85, you know any cheap places for them? and definatly i can see the advantages of the DC emu, shame the TI85 is about the only thing i can code on
i used to program heavily on the 82 and 89

of course none of my games were ever complete..

ive really been contemplating on whether or not to start back up on programming ASM and/or BASIC, now that im out of school and have alot of time on my hands..

but yea, like you both, i'd like to see a calc emu on DC
Well when I was playing around I made a VERY nice AIM type proggie in normal basic (Didnt have the ASM or PC proggie for the better stuff)

Used 2 calcs with each its own logon. Basically it was string transfers. Also showed other when it was ready to recive data (Meaning other person was done typing) Then I edited it later to include 1 calc mode for (Note passing) if you get my drift......easy to hide lol. Too bad the source code got lost when I designed a virus....(Simple ass code causes calc to hang totally and then you HAVE to remove EVERY battery to get it up again.....wish I rem that code) Now that I dumped my bios I can work on it again. Ti-83 was fun! Diablo was cute but I liked Tetris, Street fighter, um Poker, Black jack and tic tac toe as well as some of those drugwar games.
Hahah, i loved those old calc to calc messaging progs..

Oh, and the old drugwars game, classic. Just classic.

i think my site is still up on an old geocities address..

it was unfinished and unreleased, only the D3D engine was.

It was a mix of both ASM and BASIC for the 89.

here it is..


oh man, those were definatly the days..
I also think it would be pretty nifty to get an emu for the TI calcs on the Dreamcast or Playstation 2. I myself haven't really programmed anything spectacular for my 83+, except for all those math formulas I program in there. Those get pretty popular around school pretty quick