Time spent at SX


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Just wondering how big of losers you guys are... I kiddddd I kid.

Vote on how often you check into Sega Xtreme (No lying now)

Sx rules.



This is my homepage and the only forum i'm really generally interested about but ever since the ftp forum came back the general boards have seemed to become kind of lacking... at best. I still check fo someone to post every 10 minuets though!


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I come here evry day and check if there is something new which could interest me


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I visit about once a day now but at one stage a few years back (went by the name BooBoo02 then, but i cannot log in with this name anymore
)this was my second home when online. Many many hours a day was spent reading and posting.


If you want, I can reset your old account's password so you can use it again - it is still on the members list.


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Does SX2 count, I live reading the SX forums and I work on SX2 all the time... when I can of course. A job and a wife make it hard to sit down for a good coding session.


I live here when I'm at work (
) and am also active at a few other boards.

I also check in on occasion while I'm at home.


Daily (2-3 times), but let's just say I should probably spend less time here, and more time doing other things, like going into the light, or (shudder) socializing. But I am a freak, as my name suggests. A pale, sad, cave dwelling, baby eating, video game playing freak... I sicken myself...


To think I came here just to read y'all posts.

Spending time on SX in a thread about spending time on SX ... As I'm writing these words I suddenly feel like spacetime is about to fold itself up and swallow me whole.



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Daily or every second day. Hourly when i am not doing anything.

Although sometimes I go months without.. unintentional cold turkey