Toggle DPDT Switch for White Saturn

Hey everybody, first time poster here and I've got a few questions about installing a toggle switch into my white Japanese Saturn system (HST-3220), hope you guys can help me out
Anyway, what I'm trying to do is install just one DPDT mini toggle switch that's able to switch between US and JAP. From reading probably all the instructions I found online at various sites, 90% of them are made for the model 1 Saturns which is useless to me because mine's a model 2 and the jumpers on model 2's (at least mine anyway) are in a totally different place/arrangement, and the other 10% are supposedly made for my Saturn but they're just not clear enough on how to do it using just one switch. If anybody can help me out or point me to a good set of instructions for my Saturn (preferably with pictures
), that'd be great. If you need to know more information about my Saturn or what switch I have in order to help me out, just ask.. I've been checking these forums a lot lately ever since I found this site (cool site btw
), so posting replies here would be great!

Thanks in advance!