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at the top of my PAL front cover of Torico there are the words " gekka mu gen tan" or something and some characters (in kanji i assume) does anyone know what that means? does torico itself have a meaning?

im gonna feel silly if they tell you in the game but i havent completed it have i

Don Gloton

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Torico means Captive or prisoner.

Gekka comes fom gekika which may mean dramatisation or something which goes more and more intense.

Mu means nothing or emptyness

Gen has a lot of meanings including present, rope, really, etc

Tan means (I swear) a spitt.

Of course in case that all of this were Japanese...

I whish I knew what does it mean as a whole. But I´m just a begginer.


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Since nobody particularly well-versed in Japanese seems to be stepping forward, I might as well hazard a guess and demand that it may or may not mean something like "Moonlit Unending Grief".


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I didn't see that interpretation for "tan" anywhere (perhaps it's slang?). I'm no expert; like I said the only reason I posted was because no actual experts seemed to be paying attention, and I at least happen to have a Kanji dictionary handy. I'm sure I'm being quite pretentious by even attempting a rough translation. :

My reasoning went something like this:

gekka = getsu (moon) + ka (down/under) (the "tsu" becomes a consonant doubler in the compound) = "in the moonlight" (cf. "under the moon")

mugen = mu (nothing/without) + gen (end) = infinite/endless (on a rather unrelated topic, this meaning is presumably the inspiration for the name of the famous user-extensible fighting game engine)

tan = grief/suffering (I guess the "spit" meaning might be tangentially related to this)

But without seeing the Kanji, it's really impossible to know for sure what the appropriate interpretation is.

Don Gloton

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I guess you´re right. I only gave the most literal translation out of the dictionary. If we could see the kanjis, it would be much easier.