Total Control 5 Plus 3in1

I just want to connect my standart Saturn pad to play fighters like Street Fighter 3 and shooters like Ikaruga I don´t like the official DC pad or the Mad Catz one crappy d pad, and I saw that adaptoid does it work well? Like all the saturn´s buttons work I know the saturn pad has more 2 buttons but can it be configured to ABC, XYZ or AB, XY LR? Also does it work with the saturn analog pad?
I have it, and it does work. But you gotta be patient. The thing basically works when it wants to, especially when it comes to the analog games. Playing with a d-pad works very well usually, be again be patient because it may not always work on your first try.
But what about buttons how does the Total Control deal with that? I hope it has a default configuration of ABC XYZ and the L R buttons are just triggers for C and Z just like the Mad Catz pad. I saw that ASCII fighters pad which is just like the saturn pad but its just too expensive heres a pic

Maybe I should start saving some money for it

yeah thats pretty much what happens except that you don't need the driggers for any game...which DC game is programmed to use more then 6 buttons if theres only six on the pad?
Thanks for clearing that stuff up if it works fine with the saturn´s d-pad then its a good buy for 3d games I can use the original DC controller.
Thats exactly what I figured, 3d games are used to maximize the DC's button layout anyways, using a Saturn pad is pointless and just asking for trouble.