Translating Capcom's already translated titles?

Hey all, quick question here, and it has probably been looked into, but I was wondering if anyone tried to do translation for X-men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, the D&D duology, and finally Vampire Savior. From what I understand the Saturn ports are the best versions of these games, and there are English version available for other systems. Was inserting the different files from say the English releases unworkable, or did no one ever try?


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Most of these games are already "playable" enough, and the Saturn community has not have had many translators. I started the Shining Force 3 translation 15+ years ago, and in that amount of time, we have only seen a handful amount of translations. (Probably less than 30 is my best estimate). There is just not enough interest from talented people to make translations for the Saturn when there are far easier consoles people have more of a love for.
Cool beans. Saw that vampire savior one just before coming back here.

So might look into the differences between Zero 3 and Alpha 3 on PSX and see if the files are similar, can't hurt I suppose.