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Translating Grandia

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by TrekkiesUnite118, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Ardiloso

    Ardiloso New Member

    Hi Trekkies, I registered just to thank you. You are the hero of my youth. I played this at 17 to death and aways wanted a translation of the original Saturn version. I intend to play on real hardware but I will try to report bugs anyway.
  2. Ronan

    Ronan New Member

    Thank you! I love Grandia SS version, you have may love for your hard job.
    For me its is a dream. Do you will to do the second disc patch?
  3. Omnibot2000

    Omnibot2000 New Member

    Hey trekkiesunite118, like Ardiloso, I just registered to say thank you. Grandia‘s non-localisation was one of SEGA‘s biggest mistakes. Thanks for fixing that!
  4. TrekkiesUnite118

    TrekkiesUnite118 New Member

    I do plan to do Disc 2, but I can't really do much to test without a save file on Disc 2. Plus I'd like to iron out the remaining issues on Disc 1 first as I'm hoping a lot of that can carry over into disc 2 with things like the Menus and what not.
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  5. ORACLE_JOKE (~_^)

    ORACLE_JOKE (~_^) New Member

    Good job!
  6. LG30

    LG30 New Member

    Hi, thanks again for the work you do on this game. I took your last patch and I put it on a French forum. This will give you feedback if needed. Otherwise, look forward to having the disc 2. I made covers if necessary. Here is the link : Les Jeux Traduits SATURN - darius-saturn.com

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  7. DarkSynbios

    DarkSynbios New Member

    Great job TrekkiesUnite118! I was waiting that for years! Keep your good work my friend! :D
  8. msimplay

    msimplay New Member

  9. TrekkiesUnite118

    TrekkiesUnite118 New Member

    The sound issue actually isn't a bug. The Original Japanese version behaves that way as you can see at the end of this video:

    As for the Overwrite, I'll take a look at it but I think the Japanese Saturn version says that too, where as the PS1 version split it into Save? and Overwrite Save?
  10. msimplay

    msimplay New Member

    Yes on the PS1 it is split it says save and overwrite I just double checked also in the PS1 version the music doesn't cut out it continues on the save screen too

    save. overwrite.
  11. TrekkiesUnite118

    TrekkiesUnite118 New Member

    Yeah, that's a difference between the versions. On PS1 music and sound effects continue to the save screen, where as on Saturn the music stops but sometimes sound effects remain.

    For the save screen I think this may also be a case of differences as looking at the end of this video it looks like the Saturn version uses the same text for saving a new file as overwriting an old one:

    Now I don't speak or read Japanese so there may be a subtle difference there that I'm missing. But I'll take a look later. If it turns out there's only one space for that text, then it may just be an improvement rather than a bug as it's really just poor word choice at that point.

    One thing to keep in mind as much as we love the Saturn version, the PS1 version is a later revision that has some refinements/improvements.
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  12. msimplay

    msimplay New Member

    Yes this is true the PS1 version is the latest version but the Saturn version is the better port in terms of graphics and frame rate.

    Even so I thought to report on them in case they are bugs as I wasn't sure if they are meant to be like that
  13. TrekkiesUnite118

    TrekkiesUnite118 New Member

    Yeah so looking at the file it uses the same text for saving a new file and overwriting. I have about 15 characters available to work with so I'm open to suggestions for better word choice that can apply to both scenarios well enough.

    One other question though, is the Japanese Save file in your video an older one Pre-Patch or is it from the patched version?
  14. msimplay

    msimplay New Member

    The Japanese save file is from a pre patched version of the game hence I created a new save.

    I would leave it as overwrite or overwrite/save if that's possible. You can just mention it in the patch notes as a known issue
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
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  15. TrekkiesUnite118

    TrekkiesUnite118 New Member

    So save's are actually compatible since the save file itself is unchanged. The only thing changed is the name of the location, so feel free to load up an existing save file if you have one.
  16. msimplay

    msimplay New Member

    Yeah Thanks I just started again because I forgot where I was when I was using a translation txt to play through the game
  17. Ardiloso

    Ardiloso New Member

    About savefiles. There is the Grandia Digital Museum disc. An expansion disc with neat contents and various savefiles are part of it. You can "download" saves from key moments to load in the regular game. Handy to your testing I guess.
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  18. TrekkiesUnite118

    TrekkiesUnite118 New Member

    I've fixed an issue where some additional text was not translated in the SVLD.BIN file. I've also committed the tool I wrote for translating the values in it. The Overwrite Save? is still in there though as I haven't put any thought into better wording at the moment.


    On another note I have some good news concerning Grandia Digital Museum. Upon peaking into the disc the file structure appears to be the same as the original game, and the file formats look to be similar. So with some luck my tools should be applicable to Digital Museum as well.
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  19. Ardiloso

    Ardiloso New Member

    Amazing. Thank you for your dedication. I always wanted the Digital Museum translated because of it's new and exclusive content.
  20. hey great work on the grandia English translation. I am playing on real Saturn hardware and have come across a bit were the game is not going into the battle like it should and wont move forward. I have tried restarting and booting it from my last save point but it got stuck in the same place again. it happens in the lost world section, when gadwin comes you challenge him to a fight but the fight doesn't begin and the game wont allow you to press anything. the music still plays and puffy is still circling the Cauldron but apart from that its like it has got stuck. the game has played excellent up until that point. I have it on video but the file is too big to upload it here. again the work you are doing is fantastic and hope the information I have provided will assist you in the beta testing.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
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