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Translating Grandia

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by TrekkiesUnite118, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. msimplay

    msimplay New Member

    It's said that right now it's best to be played on an Emulator I also have it on Rhea will test it and see if that happens here too.
    Upload the file to something like Dropbox, Google drive or Onedrive
  2. yeah will do. I know he has said its best played on emulator at the moment, but thought as I had come across it to put it out there in case it is any help.
  3. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    great job on videos @retrodadandmodernlad

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  4. thanks glad you like them. Like a childhood dream to see grandia finally getting an English translation after all this time.
    Trekkiesunite118 is doing an excellent job. Here is a temporary link that shows what I was talking about:
    grandia freeze.MP4
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  5. I've encountered that before with the battle against Chang. Probably an incorrect control code. Since you're on real hardware try this:

    1) Get a save as close to the bug as possible.
    2) Create a DEBUG disc. To do this bring the patched iso file up into a hex editor of your choice and search for the text "G:0000". When you find that value, change it to G:4000. Save the iso to a different directory so you don't overwrite your other file.
    3) Start the game with the DEBUG disc and load up your save file.
    4) Hold the Z button and press start to cycle through the different debug screens. The two screens we want are the Map Status and the Scenario Flag screens:



    5) Take a picture of these two screens and post them here.

    From the information in those screens I can figure out where in the game you are and can try to trick one of my save files into thinking it's your save file. Also let me know who is in your party.
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  6. I will give that ago. if I just type in google hex editor will any of the free ones be okay to use to do that ?
  7. Yeah, those should be fine. HxD is pretty good as is TinyHexer on RomHacking.net

    I think I might have a fix ready from the video you provided. I just want to get a save file ready and test it first before releasing it.
  8. I have downloaded the TinyHexer and opened the patched iso in it but the letters only go up to F that I can see?

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  9. Make sure you check the box that says "Find Text". Otherwise you'll be searching for Hex values.

    EDIT: So I was able to hack a save file to that point, however this may take some more time to fix. While I can fix the crash you encountered, there's another soon after. Basically this file is a bit odd as there's two script sequences in the Script header with the same ID, and it's throwing my tools for a loop.
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  10. Ok, I think I have the crash fixed. I've created a new patch that can be downloaded from this post. In it I've included the following fixes:
    • Remaining untranslated text in the Save/Load screen is now translated.
    • Voice Audio for Intro scene with Mullen, Baal, and Leen should now be in sync with the text.
    • Fixed a bug that a was happening when you meet Gadwin and the Boss Battle wasn't starting.
    • Included a debug mode patch for real hardware users.
    • Corrected an oops in my version numbering

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  11. Sorry that was my mistake, I am not use to using hex editors . That's great, I will try out the new patch when I get home. Keep up the excellent work and if I spot anything else I will update. Thank you.
  12. themadhaxor

    themadhaxor New Member

    First off I'd like to say a HUUUUGE thank you to @TrekkiesUnite118 - truly amazing work there!

    I own originals of both Grandia and D.M - to think I can finally play these games translated on my JAP Saturn (obviously "when they are done") is amazing stuff!

    Heh, I was going to suggest a debug disc from the instructions HERE:
    Grandia (Sega Saturn) - The Cutting Room Floor

    There's also another post over in this thread that talks about some Grandia saves that were dumped - near the end of the thread by @cafe-alpha :

    Game Saves collect project

    I managed to find the original post where he talks about the cart dumps HERE:

    But I checked both on his site and @Madroms site, and can't seem to fond the file mentioned (UrawazaDataro.bin)
    PPCenter :: Saturn Saves Data
    Sega Saturn Collection | Sega Saturn Only | Sega Saturn Ultimate Source | Sega Saturn Database | セガサターン | Satakore.com

    Anyone have better luck than me finding this file, let us know...
    Edit - it seems @cafe-alpha says that there are a lot of saves aspart of the save data manager CD image - and by that extension PS-Kai CD...maybe it's a file on there?
  13. privateye

    privateye New Member

    That file can be found in the Pseudo Saturn Kai archive. Mount or extract pskai_sdm_flasher.iso, and then look in the following path: SAVES/Madroms/UrawazaDataro.bin

    For your convenience I have attached the save files. The archive contains two save files for Grandia and one for Grandia Digital Museum. According to @paul_met these saves "allow you to load in such place where is not provided by the game - not at checkpoint". This is understandable though, because as @cafe-alpha explained: "Saves from Urawaza Dataro cartridge may provide features not available in normal time (for game developers, beta testers, etc) : "urawaza" litterally means "hidden tricks" in Japanese."

    If you wish to use these save files in Mednafen, here is a nice guide on how to convert the SSF saves:
    Converting Sega Saturn (SSF) Saves to Mednafen Saturn

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  14. hi, so quick update on me playing through the grandia beta patch on real sega Saturn hardware. After the last excellent patch update I was able to move forward from the gadwin fight and I have progressed up to the top of mt typhoon. at the boss fight at the top I have encountered the same issue, just before the fight starts the game hangs and does not enter the fight. I patched a grandia game with the debug patch, but when I load the save which is right next to the boss fight press z doesn't bring up a menu it just makes Justin drop through the floor of the level? I will follow this post up with a temporary video that shows the boss hanging and what is happening when you press z in the debug disc. they will both be in same video one after another. hope this information helps and keep up the great work.
  15. here is the video of the hanging and what happens if you press or hold z when using the debug mode, that I was talking about in my last post. again hope this helps and thank you :
    mt typhoon hanging and z button debug mode.MP4
  16. Ok, so that debug behavior happens if you hit both C and Z at the same time. It tells the game to reload the map, if you move the d-pad while holding that it rotates the map and does weird things. However you should still be able to get the menu to come up. You need to hold the Z button and press start.

    In the mean time I'll see what I can figure out.
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  17. I get it with the debug mode cd now, I was doing it wrong never read your comment properly. here is the 2 pics you said would help next to the save point which is right before it happens. I tried to put them straight on here but they wont upload so there in a temp file :20190421_180456.jpg and 1 more file
  18. Ok, I believe I have it fixed. Once again the PS1 version had different control codes that caused the crash. I've attached a new patch. This will also fix the voice audio desync in the intro sequence with Justin and Sue in Parm, as well as the scene where you meet Justin's Mom.

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  19. thanks and great work. I will give it a try in a minute and am going to do another little video for my channel this week showing off some more of the footage I have taken playing your beta English patch.
  20. just had a quick go and it is now booting into the boss fight. I will update if I spot anything else. great work and thank you.
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