Trapper keeper


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Has anybody seen this episode of Southaprk? The trapperkeeper one? Man I bet I'm one of the 1000 people who got that joke with all the Akira refrences. Even the music was supposed to be a copy of the style of Akira. Haha if anyone else saw it, did you get it?
I have the Akira DVD, so yes, I did get all those references.
Originally posted by MasterAkumaMatata@Feb. 04 2003, 11:57 pm

A trapper keeper? I haven't used or heard of that since I was in elementary school. Are they still around?

I beleive so, I told my nephew to get one, but he said something about how the teacher wanted everyone having the same folder to prevent envy or something. So they're drones carrying the same red folder. That's lame.