Truemotion -> Avi?

I can't seem to convert from truemotion avi into raw, uncompressed avi. I use TMPlay's convert feature, and indeed, it makes a 489 meg file, yet it can't be played by anything. Any ideas?
Don't know where your problem could be (hard/software), but playing an uncompressed avi saved by TMPlay works fine for me.
I want to change it from TM avi into a DivX 5 avi so my friend, who uses linux, can see it. YOu see, TMplay won't work under linux, and he wants to see the Sonic CD ending from Sonic Jam. I would convert to DivX 5 on the fly, but my computer has a nasty habit of dropping frames when converting to divx 5 unless its a raw, uncompressed avi, thus I need to first convert it to an uncompressed avi.
Truemotions is a video codec, that got ported over the Sega Saturn by Duck Corporation. It was an alternate (an expensive one) to Cinepak.

Truemotion can offer better video quality, since it's compression is a bit more advanced than Cinepak's (it can actually compress smooth colors and high-speed animations properly), but it's a bit more harder for the Saturn to decode, so most games uses it in 15-bit color, or in letterboxed modes.

You can clearly identify Truemotion videos on a Saturn game by the Truemotion logo before the game starts, and by the existance of .avi files in the game CD.
thanks for the info