Trying to rip NiGHTS

hmm... my copy of the game is scratched badly so i thought i could rip & burn it. all is well except for track2, cdrwin seems to stop trying when it is at 99%. what is that track for, do i need it? and track 1 only seems to be 45megs, is that the correct size?

That would be the MODE2 track and you do need it. When you wrote "all is well except for track2," does that imply you are ripping it by Select Tracks? It's best to rip it as a Disc Image/Cuesheet as it would be easier to burn it back to CD-R later. Also, did you check the RAW reading option and set DATA Speed to 1X? If you did that and it's still giving you the same problem, then it may very well be that your disc is too severely scratched. In that case, you may want to use some kind of scratch remover on your disc.
Yes I am so I can store the audio tracks as mp3s, instead of in one big *.bin file. I'll try setting the data speed to 1x, and if that doesn't work then i'll go on someone's ftp server and see if I can download it.