Twice I've been hit on ebay in a row! grrrr

Twice I've been hit on ebay in a row! grrrr

I've been ripped off through many transactions, for a total of hundreds of dollars (all sellers that didn't deliver). However that doesn't bother me half as much as these elitist human meat bags that become badasses as soon as they sit down in front of a computer--more on that later. I don't even answer the questions I get when I'm selling stuff, because the question is either:

a) something that is answered in the auction or auction title OR

b) a snooty remark suggesting that I'm trying to rip people off


(sorry, this isn't my blog, I'll cut my tangent out of here)

Some things I've picked up while selling on eBay:

1) If you get a question from someone, ALWAYS use the eBay Messages feature to reply, not your e-mail client. 1 out of 5 times they probably have no interest in your item whatsoever, and are just phishing for e-mail addresses.

2) If you see the words "my fedex account" ignore the message, it is a scam.

3) If you get an e-mail from PayPal saying you have been payed, login to your PayPal account to make sure that is the case. E-mails are easily faked, and a good way for some bum to get a free item.

4) Cover your ass and buy insurance when shipping to Europe, they have a huge theft problem, Italy in particular. You can call me a bigot or whatever for saying that, but it is the truth. Even your post office will tell you that.
Twice I've been hit on ebay in a row! grrrr

Wow, you're local to chico? I live in magalia =D. If you're in chico I'm only like 20 minutes from you heh.