Two "n00b" questions.



Hi. I have Nero and have a Shining Force CD iso along with some mp3's. How do I burn the iso and mp3's so they will work properly in my sega CD or emulator? Also, does Nero burn bin files? And if so, will I still need the cue file? Thank you!!! (P.S. I have a free version of Nero that works on Windows XP if y'all want it. I'll try to upload it to Allannon's FTP if he/she lets me and if y'all want it.).
All you need to know should be here or within this forum.

Please do a bit of homework before deciding to post "n00b" questions.
DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN, WHY MUST THEY NOT READ THE MISC. SECTION..? i think we should just change that to the burning guide/ tools section.
Or you could take a slightly more relaxed view. Didn't you once post such things?

Originally posted by Gallstaff@Feb 10 2002,02:27

I know this is all mentioned in the miscelanous section, but i want to know if any one has aim or msn messenger could get in contact with me to give me a more personal step-by-step on how to burn saturn games. Like what programs to get and use, how to extract the bins and cues to one iso etc.
"Hi, I have Nero".......Maybe THAT's why? Gosh, people. Don't you know that Easy CD doesn't work with Windows XP?
Anyways, are there any kind souls that can please help?
Did you follow at the link I posted?

The miscellaneous section has more than just Easy CD Pro.

There have also been numerous posts about Nero in this forum. Please read them first.

MasterAkumaMatata, is that a good thing?
Amygrrl on these forums recommended Brindwrite Suite to me for XP, I'd say go get that. It's much simpler than Nero.