Two Players in Virtua Racing Deluxe

how can I play Virtua Racing Deluxe (32X/EUR on MD2/EUR) w/ 2 players?

I can't select "2players VS" in the main menu (it's grayed out) and in the options, controller config, on the player 2 pad is written "can't use". I even tried different controllers, 3/6-Buttons, no luck...

any suggestions?
@Gallstaff: the game does not have a backup memory AFAIK, so it wouldn't make sense to beat them every time after I switched off the console...

@SegaSaturnDDR: hm i've never heard of a system link for a 32X? even my MD2 doesn't have a link port anymore, it would make sense though...

somebody must have that game, since it's the best arcade port (the saturn vr really sucks!)
of course i have a controller plugged in the 2nd port, i tried 4 different pads (incl one 6button pad), swapped them with the first port -- first player works fine, but not the 2nd :(
I have it, and Captain crazy said the only solution I could think of. The only time it ever did that to me, is when controller two wasn't connected to the port.

I just read the manual, it says

Note: Control Pad 2 should not be plugged in during play. Always switch the power OFF, before pluging in or unpluging control pads.

yeah, duh, but you never know. and I don't recall seeing this kind of warning in other control manuals, then again, i don't read very many manuals.

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both controllers were plugged in BEFORE I switched the MD2 and 32X on...

I did some tests w/ other games:

-- WWF RAW 32X (EUR) - the same, only player 1

-- Space Harrier 32X (US) - works fine! (the cheat codes on pad2)

-- all MD games through the 32X - work fine!

I think I'm going crazy here...

btw, I don't have a manual for my 32X games, I bought them used...
Virtua Racing Deluxe works fine with my MD1, MD2 even with my Multimega with 2 players, probably your cartridge is defect.
i'm talking about the 32X game here...

and how can a cart be so defect that it won't allow me to play w/ 2 players?
Maybe the second controller port on your genesis is broken or something.

Can you play any other 2 player games on it?

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no it's not broken, as i said, all MD 2player games run fine. and i only have 3 32X games, VR and WWF RAW don't work w/ 2players, but in Space Harrier I can input a cheat w/ the 2nd gamepad...

very strange...
Okay, I may be totally totally wrong here, but maybe theres some kind of component in the genesis that detects tells the game, "hey we have a 2nd controller in controller port number 2!" and that allows the 2nd player mode to "unlock" as in some games. And maybe that component in your genesis is broken or something.

See are few games on the genesis that detect the 2nd controller and then allow you to play only if it does, and I know greatest heavyweights does it, and if what i'm saying is for some reason true, you wouldn't be able to play with two players.

Note that I'm not saying that the controller port is broken, it still works with other games as you said, I'm saying that the controller detection component that some games use, is somehow defective.

Try playing another game that allows you to play two players if and only if there's a second controller in the port. I don't remember very many, just Greatest Heavyweights. andd...uh that's all I remember. Um, maybe later sports games.

hehe, this is all I could think of, go ahead and laugh. hehe.