You guys are not gonna believe this but some idiot has his car on its side on the pavement fixing the wheels, How the hell did he get that car like that? insane, i wish i had a camera
Got a friend of mine coming round with a digital camera. Hope he gets here before the car is sorted.

I am SO gonna post that pic to attrition if i get it in time!!

Edit- it was twilight and a little dark but i got some pics, my friend will email them to me and then i'll post them
Sorry they are a bit big and dark, dont have a graphics editing package on this thing yet. Could someone scale them down a bit and post them again?


Well...if you don't have a driveway and/or a garage thats probably the easiest way to get under the car. The street looks tight packed there. Please correct me if I am wrong Soldermonkey.

But what did he use to get that up like that?
Believce me, there is probably room in this road to get a car jack in! the road has parking bays on both sides. I am in the UK by the way. I emailed the pics to attrition but i dont really have any software to edit them. Plus that i have a very dark monitor and no gamma correction so it wouldnt be accurate anyway. If someone wouldnt mind making the images a little more user friendly could they post them so i can add them to my webspace?
Wow.. I wonder how they'll get it back again. Is that not dangerous?

Maybe they plan to put a bluescreen behind it and film a dramatic part of a cheesy 70s cop car chase or something.