Unreal Tournament 2k3


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Tomorrow (October 28th) at 8:30pm EST we will be playing UT2k3. Meet in #segaxtreme on efnet or send me a message on AIM or ICQ to get the server information.

You will need a non-demo version of UT2k3. Shady versions welcome.

That is all.
There is no excuse, anyhow, if they don't have ut2k3, we may do regular UT next week!

anyway... I need a new video card before I can play it... oh, right, and some free time... that'd be nice too... where can I buy that?
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How about UT for the DC?

Do you have a Broadband Adaptor, Keyboard, & Mouse for your DC?[/b][/quote]


I have the keyboard and mouse, but I prefer the controller (I'm weird, I know).