Using GensWin to play Sega CD...



GensWin won't detect my CD drive. When I try Boot CD, it won't work, and when I go into Options to choose the CD Drive, it says None Detected. What's wrong? Please help. Thanks!
if you intall the aspi drivers and don´t function. You can play with a iso file, extracting it from the cd.
Um, ok...I'm a total n00b but...where can I get the ASPI drivers? Is there a certainsite I can get them at? ....sorry...
Ok well, I still need help because that page only shows info for every other Windows system besides XP, which is what I have...
Originally posted by mal@June 15 2002,02:23

Look what using the search function reveals.

Force ASPI can be found here.

Hey mal, that's the same Force ASPI link I reported broken in the Bugs forum in which you've replied to and confirmed that it was broken in your second reply, remember?

For those who are looking for Force ASPI, try the link that Link Hylia provided in that same bug report thread, that one works, I've just tested it.
Um, I don't know about any broken links, but thanks to mal's submission my problem is now resolved. Thank you very much to everyone who tried and did help me out with this problem. I suggest the admins of this site post this problem up in a FAQ or something. Thanks again everyone!
MasterAkumaMatata, does that link not work for you?

I deliberately linked to the miscellaneous downloads page rather than directly to the file as I thought they had blocked 'outside' downloads.

BigDAlcala, I think needing ASPI drivers it is already in the Gens manual. It doesn't seem to mention Force ASPI though.
mal: Actually, I went directly to DVD Digest Downloads page, right click, and did a Save Target As... and it gives me 404.html. I've even used Netscape to go to that downloads page and did a Save Link As... to find that the downloaded file, although with the correct filename, is really the same 404.html web page. Did you do the same thing to test to see if it works?
Yeah, I just downloaded it then. Twice.

I'm using IE 5 and tried both left and right clicking to download. It worked both times.

OK, this time I did a left click and it gave me the "Save this file to disk" option window and I was able to finally download it using IE. I guess DVD Digest has some kind of script that prevents people to download it any other way (e.g., direct linking, download managers, right click).

Are you sure you were able to download the whole 150KB using right click? Right clicking in IE 5.0 gave me the 404.html page. Right clicking in Netscape 4.5 gave me the name of the file that is a few KiloBytes (meaning it's the same as the 404.html from IE) once downloaded.
I got all of the 151K zip file both times.

Probably because I saved with a left click first.