[v1.0 Released] English Translation Patch of "Rainbow Cotton".

derek (ateam)

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NOTE (2021-08-01): So I accidentally built the patch file without the modified ending credits translated in English! Not releasing v1.1 to address this, as issue was only with patch build itself. All links updated.

And here we are folks! I present to you me and my team's v1.0 English translation patch for Rainbow Cotton.


Release Notes:
RainbowCotton-EnglishPatchDreamcast/README.md at main · DerekPascarella/RainbowCotton-EnglishPatchDreamcast

GitHub Project Page:
GitHub - DerekPascarella/RainbowCotton-EnglishPatchDreamcast: English translation patch for the Sega Dreamcast game "Rainbow Cotton".

Download Patch:
Note: This patch is to be used with my Universal Dreamcast Patcher.

Patched GDI:
873.1 MB file on MEGA

Patched CDI:
760.18 MB file on MEGA


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