Very rare problems with KOF 96

This is very rare.

I downloaded the KOf 96 on lockecole's ftp uploaded by kagoenlaostia (very funny name in spanish) and burned it without any problems.

But when I play the game (using a 4MB SEGA cart) there are matchs when the animations dissapear. This only happens with some characters. For example Kyo's intro is not there. Instead of this there is a Black void, like if you had cut the sprite.

This happens with some moves some times.

It's like if the SATURN didn't load all the frames of animation.

Does anyone know what happens ¿?
I have tried to insert many times the cart but this continues happening.

On the other hand this doesn't happen always. For example:

If I make a 1vs 1 match this doesn't happen. Kyo's intro appears correctly.
It could be a bad rip or a bad burn.

These are they drawbacks of downloading and burning games...
Was it KOF 96 that comes with it's own 1mb rom cart? or an I thinking of the wrong KOF. If so that's where the frames are, on the specailized cart.
I have tested the game with the SNK 1Mb cart and it works perfectly. It seems that SNK games don't work fine with SEGA-CAPCOM 4mb cart.
Shinhoshi -

You are absolutely correct. The Capcom/Sega 4 Meg carts, and the Action Replay 4-in-1 or 5-in-1 carts will run the game, but the SNK ports of games, (KOF Series, Samurai Shodown, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, etc) all have graphical problems when using the carts other than a standard 1 meg cart.

Its not the ISO, or the burn. An original game will work exactly like that too.
Originally posted by mal@July 21 2002, 7:44 pm

King of Fighters 95 comes with it's own ROM cart.


yesterday I almost burned it again !!

thanks !!!