Translating Fire Pro Wrestling S : 6Men Scramble

both of the wrestlers i built last night from templates have logic (a very strong/overpowered dean malenko and the giant demon Arugak).

my thought on the renamed and unlocked vs not unlocked was to see if we could get a fully unlocked and renamed save to be "relocked" by data manipulation so that someone going through victory road would still have the "thrill" of discovering and unlocking hidden characters but not have to deal with the hassle of renaming those characters.

figured if i got 2 saves almost exactly the same except the fact that one was unlocked and the other wasn't, a diff would lead us to where the byte manipulation would need to happen.

of course, if you already know where this happens, i'd happily provide my save from last year as a test bed. i really don't want to go through and rename them all from scratch if i don't have to.
figured if i got 2 saves almost exactly the same except the fact that one was unlocked and the other wasn't, a diff would lead us to where the byte manipulation would need to happen.

I haven't found that yet. I'm still working through the CAW wrestler section. I have a hunch that the locked\unlocked flag is in the rename wrestler section of the save.
I think a save with a wrestler unlocked would help so I can figure out how that is done. If possible, can you take a save, then take a save with exactly one wrestler unlocked?
yeah, i can make that happen.

i'll finish my edits and renames first. once i'm there, i'm supposed to play through victory road up until the point right before any text hits, so doing this shouldn't be too hard.

so, what about the unknown bits for the Edit's Move List? you figure that out already?
No error, that just says Victory Road. I'll have to go back and look at the unaltered text to see why the alignment is so bad.
So Crow found a game breaking bug, so I sort of need to kinda of start with a fresh 2nd.bin so its a step back , but a needed one. All my new tiles are still good to go so Ive just got to redo whats already been done menu side, and leave the story stuff alone for now.

The good part about having to "start over" is I can be more accurate to the original Japanese text:

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All of the mode select screens are redone. Im now working on the sub menu screen, starting with the Create a Wrestler ones.

Tested the latest build on real hardware....



As long as you dont have an existing save, all of the wrestlers are renamed!
Awesome work! As a fan of the Fire Pro games and Saturn, I'm really looking forward to trying this out. Been wanting to try getting into Saturn translations and all of the work being done these past few years is very inspiring. Good to see so much love for the Saturn!
So the move list is about 50% done, maybe closer to 60% there are A LOT OF MOVES.

I also added F! for the Finishing move, and S! for the Signature move, and a speech bubble icon for the moves with voices assigned to them

Finished the title match mode text, and the warning about not being able to redo the victory without returning the title:

and I found the strings for setting up the computer AI:
Screenshots not needed, but all the main, sub, and pop up menus should now all be done. I plan to finish the CPU Logic screens next, then grind away on the moves. Google drive is updated.
Another small mile stone:
all of the grapple + A/B/C/AB are now done
all of the grappling opponent from behind + A/B/C/AB are now done
all of the getting grappled from behind reversals are now done

There are 127 attacks for when the opponent is down, and I have like 7 done, yay?


As always, new files are up on the google drive link