Vga boot issue

Workaround 1: Don't use the Utopia boot disc. If you just want to play imports you could use e.g. a Gameshark/Action Replay, and if you want to play stuff you burned yourself you should make it direct-boot. Almost all freeware is now designed to direct boot, and there are various tools to automate the process of building an image if you need to do that.

Workaround 2: Boot with a composite cable attached, then switch to the VGA box once the boot disc is loaded. Don't turn on your monitor until after the game has finished loading.

Workaround 3: There's a patch floating around that sets the "VGA compatible" bit in the boot disc's IP.BIN. This eliminates the need for the cable swap, but still doesn't actually make the boot disc output proper VGA, so you still shouldn't turn on your monitor until after the game has loaded.

Obviously, the first method is the best. The Utopia disc is and always was a quick-and-dirty hack, and better methods for its primary applications are available now.
i'd use workaround 1 as well

hot swapping av cables and flipping the t.v./monitor switch on a vga box while it's on is just a bad idea.