Well folks as you may or may not already know we have finally secured hosting for VGR. We are currently busy transfering the data over from our test server to this new host. It'll take a couple days to get everything setup.

Until then we would like to invite you to join the sites new forum at this address. You can forget about that old MyCool online forum. This one is full of bells and whistles. We ask that you read the forum rules and the faq before you dive in. The forum has alot of nice features (heck we even have spell check for you non-english speaking types).

Once the site is completely ready you can access it at either or at

Well it took a while but we're finally at the point where you all can join in on the fun. One important thing to keep in mind. The site will be under beta status once you can access it. This means that new features and changes will occur regularly. All the information you enter into the site will be moved over once we get the site past beta.

Hope to see you there.
Very cool. I'm sure I'll appreciate the effort when I get to see it, but the site's a little slow at the moment...
Hmm... I'm not getting the 'coming soon' page, but it's not loading the site for me either. :huh

Must be popular.

[edit] I tell a lie. I did get the 'temporarily offline' page in the end.
No it's online alright. For now the main page shows a we're sorry message. That's because we haven't finished moving all the files from the dev server to the new host. The forums work now though.
I assumed that Tony Skyrunner's responce and yours (to a degree) meant that the site itself was open.

I'd already seen the forums.
Yes. I had a look when this thread was first posted. I just hadn't gotten around to registering yet.