Video game comic strips

I was going through my Clip art on my computer today and relized that I had a LOT of game comic strips. I figure that after all these years sence I got most of them, they have pretty much dissapered off of the net. So I thought to myself, hey, why don't I start a form at my all time favoret message board (SegaXtreme's), to post them. I encourage everyone to post links to comics that they have here, so that all of use here at segaXtreme can apreciate them. Here is the first one I will post, it came out when the clinton and monaka Lewinskie case was going on:

This one is, well, lets let laura speak for herself:

And this one is from the time when Nintendo was going ape-shit over people posting and/or talking about their N64 games on the net:

I will post more every so often, but I will leave it at that for a while.

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Ok, Its time for todays anual comic strips:

This one is from shenmue, and its in all of its beta like glory :p:

This one is an ad for just what every GBA fan needs:

And this one shows exactly how rich sega is:

Well, thats it for today. Ill post three more here tommorow. Also, please, if any of you can, help me make this an ongoing post with your own pics. I want to know what you all think of these at least, so say something already!
I have a lot of strips death, but I would prefer to upload some here once a day so as that their is something anual on this board. Maybe I will upload all of them some time, like when I run out of space at freeyellow, and the other site places im uploading these to. But for now, here is todays strip, its like the ones from the last couple of days, several pics, one strip:

As usual, I will have more pics tommorow. However, I might be putting up ones that I made for A site that never ended up on the net. It will be the first time they will be available on the web, or any place else for that matter.
Sorry for not posting the other day (Trying to make this day to day new strips), but I was very buisy and never got to get around to it. Anyways, this camic is one for "a boy and his blob" for the NES. its better if you have played the game, but its ok eather way. Oh, and this is one of the strips I made that I was taking about earlier in this post. Hope you enjoy.

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As for what I thought of the comic, it wasn't half bad, I wish more people would post stuff like that though.
Ok, today while I was searching through my hard drive to see what I could delete (I was down to 3 gigs on a 60 gig hard drive), I ended up finding these two strips. One of the is not sega related, but if you dont like turok games, its one to see.

Here is the Turok one:

This one is for Dreamcast: