Virtua On: OT

I loved the original on the saturn, fantastic. But the one the dreamcast. I just dont get at all. The button layout seems messed up, the way you lock on to characters seems wrong, the battles seem boring and over too quickly. I reaslly just dont know what is wrong with the game, or what im doing wrong
Please tell me im missing something.
The twinsticks. Or so reviewers say. It was blasted upon its release by many for the same problems you're having.
I was really impressed with this game graphically, because I've been a fan of big robots since Transformers came out. However since I don't have the twin sticks, I can't believe there is no option to customise the controls.

Almost 20 years ago 8 bit Spectrum games let you redefine the keys.
Same. I loved the Saturn VO, but the one on DC has a horrable button layout. I think ive played it mabe 2-3 times sense I bought it almost a year ago. Would import the twin sticks but you don't see them for sale too often, and when you do their very expensive.
Any big robot fan should check out Tech Romancer. Controllers are more "friendly" than VO:OT. Plus, the game has a neat anime intro and different stories for each robot. Unlike VO, you won't get blisters and migranes for the awful control set up (Unless u happen to have the twin sticks that is)