Was the Sega CD worth buying

....in afterthought, was the SCD really worth buying?! What games were really that great that you just couldn't pass up the system?

I've played many of the SCD games and I just don't see anything that interesting...

The one thing that was innovative, however, was the FMV stuff, but even then it didn't work out as planned, did it? :|

So to those still in support of SCD, I ask, "What do you consider to be the best that Sega CD has to offer"

"Which game had best Graphics?"

"Best Gameplay?"

"Best Replayability"

"Best Sound?"

"Most Groundbreaking?"

"Best Fun Factor (a la Gamepro 80's style)?
Silpheed for all of the above!

One helluva shooter!

Try it you WILL love it!

Make sure you attach some good speakers to the unit cause you WILL be needing them for the awesome explosions n talk!
Graphics: Snatcher

Gameplay: Sonic CD

Replay: Snatcher

Sound: Snatcher by a mile

Groundbreaking: Snatcher

Fun Factor: Snatcher

Snatcher almost swept!
Every system is worth buying...You just need to except them for when they were made.....Pretend you are in the time of the system you are playing and you enjoy it alot more, but if you are thinking of PS2 and you play a Sega CD game you will get no pleasure out of it, When I play OLD games I just think back at how IMPRESSED I aws with the FMV and Music and stuff....I love it. But then again I remember my Atari 2600 that I paid a FORTUNE for and then saw a commercial one day were it was under 50 Bucks....hehhehe All systems are worth buying if you lived back then but if I was like 15, 16 years old, I would probablly just make fun of the OLD machines, Its just how you look on it. I would rather Play a Sega CD game anyday of the week over a PS2 game, WHY?? one word....FUN! I have over 18 systems and do you know why now? F U N thats it...So if you dont have any fun with your system give it to someone who does. ;) hehehehe
Snatcher, Lunar, LEB and Silpheed.

Enough reason to buy it

Although I must admit that I got my Sega CD with Night Trap (which was great for the innovation factor alone)
"Which game had best Graphics?"


"Best Gameplay?"

Prince Of Persia

"Best Replayability"

Kingpin Vs. Spiderman ( soo much to do )

"Best Sound?"

Sonic ( Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom , SONIC BOOM! )

"Most Groundbreaking?"

Silpheed ( Snatcher had THE BEST story, but it wasn't really groundbreaking )

Best Fun Factor (a la Gamepro 80's style)?"

Road Avenger ( come on ! )
From what I own/played

Best Graphics: Final Fight CD

Best Gameplay: Sonic CD

Best Sound: Tie - Vay & The Terminator

Best Replayability: Terminator

Most Groundbreaking: Lunar (I don't like the game that much, PS and FF are better, but I respect it for it's reputation, and what it did for the SCD)

Best Fun Factor: Terminator

Edit: I got Snatcher, but I can't measure up to the above.

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My 2c...

Graphics: Batman Returns, driving sections

Gameplay: NHL Hockey '94

Replay: FIFA International Soccer

Sound: Sonic CD (Jap/UK, NOT the US one)

Groundbreaking: Ecco the Dolphin CD

Fun Factor: Lords of Thunder


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man sonic cd was weird. It was like sonic going into the eighties.. all those floresant pink and green walls.... *shutter*
"Best Graphics?"

Hard to pick just one. Not counting the FMV stuff (of which Dracula Unleashed is my fav and probably has some of the best vid quality), there is:

Dune (great 3D Desert, good art)

Mansion of Hidden Souls (Wow!)

Snatcher (great art)

"Best Gameplay?"

Snatcher by a huge mile

though Dune was addictive as #### as well

"Best Replayability"


though again, I kept coming back to Dune also

"Best Sound?"

Snatcher (all-around best)

Dune (music)

"Most Groundbreaking?"

Probably one of the early FMV games (Night Trap).

Snatcher just cause it kicks so much ass.

Dune (ok, I’m not sure if I should count this, since it was innovative when it came out on PC a few years before. At the time it was the FIRST RTS game, plus one of the only RTS games to add Adventure-style gameplay into the mix.)

Best Plot


Best Voice Acting


"Best Fun Factor"

Snatcher, no question.

Both Dune and Dracula Unleashed are runners-up.

I think Sega CD had its share of good and great games. Lunar 1 and 2 are classics, and Snatcher is still my fav game of all time. Nothing beats Snatcher.

While most were pants, a few FMV games like Dracula Unleashed were fun and memorable.

Last, Dune is an under-appreciated gem - addictive and complex, it is a simple RTS driven by an excellent story carried forward by Adventure-game-like segments. Imagine Red Alert, but with one big mission and with being able to visit all your structures, talk to the people there, and uncover the mysteries of the plot. Sure, it's just a PC port, but its ported well. You can download the game to get a taste of the gameplay, though this is the floppy version, with sound and graphics far worse than the CD-ROM and Sega CD editions. Plus, no voice acting (which is excellent on Sega CD):


So yes, Sega CD was worth buying :)

Wow, that was a long post. Hope you guys liked it ;-P

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Quote: from Supergrom on 10:47 pm on Mar. 7, 2002

NO WAY!!! Oh man, im gonna run our and buy the very first one i find now!!!

/mumbles to self: left or right, that is absolutely amazing... why didnt i think of this before, i could have been rich!

[insert MASSIVE amounts of sarcasm into above message for the full effect]


Ya'll trip me out lol, I had to say it. If you're really into gaming you should know that classics are the best systems ;) And for Sega CD I have to agree Snatchers packs the most out of it.
Lunar was awesome, when compared to the RPG's that were coming out at that time, #### it was ahead of its time. You can't compare it to something like FFVII in anything besides story line, and I myself loved Lunar's story line, could be the fact that there was a character in Silver Star named Kyle who was in love with one named Jessica, and my names happens to be Kyle and my wife's name is Jessica. I loved the rerelease on PS1 also. To quote Kyle from it, "Another night of wine, women, and song for Kyle, I think I had a bit too much of the wine, but the women didn't complain!"

Forgot to throw in, I played L:EB on SCD! AND IT ROCKED!

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