Weird audio file on sewer shark

has anyone looked on the Sewer Shark cd and heard Track02.wav? This is what happens....

::telephone ringing::

voice: good afternoon, Digital Pictures.

voice2: number nine, number nine, number nine.

*note* voice2 is giberish until you reverse the audio.

just thought i'd share, no telling what the #### it means.
A lot of the Digital Pictures titles had that track. If you pop Sewer Shark in a CD player, that's what would play.

The number 9 bit is an idea "borrowed" from the Beatles' White Album.

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what's "Numer 9" mean? I reversed the audio hoping to get a special message, but instead i get another cryptic one!
John Lennon might know the meaning, unfortunately, he's not around.

From a beatles FAQ (

'John claimed the the engineer from EMI would say at the beginning of each take of a song, "This EMI Recording Studio Number 9" (or perhaps "EMI Test Tape Number 9") and John liked the sound of it and added it in).'

Although I'm sure when the White Album came out, quite a few people tried (with the aid of groovy substances) to find more meaning out of it anyways.

"Number 9" has always been a bit of a recording "joke", although it really doesn't seem to mean anything. So if you're behind a mike and feel like saying nonsense, go with "number 9.... number 9..."

I've not reversed the Digital Pictures' SCD audio tracks myself, so I can't say they're there for every one... but it wouldn't surprise me, they seemed like a bunch of jokers...
jkust a thought, 999 is the equivilent of the us 911 emergency number here (the uk) which, is where the beetles came from, so maybe its that they are referring to

or maybe not :)
this audio track is directions in the game.

when you begin, if you take the path "left left left" you will not crash like you normally would if you took a turn your not supposed to.

nothingspecial i guess but i thought id clear it up
I actually wish I could have beaten Sewer Shark.. buy sadly... my disc was messed.. it would stop working... a few minutes... after I had to follow that strange bird creature..
the ending, is a guy's kind of ending. think of the MAN show.

I remember little of it, though, only seeing it several years ago, before PSX