what anime are you watching at the moment?

....i'm watching Love Hina, Great Teacher Onizuka, Saber Marionnette J to X, Lost Universe and Sonic X.....

thats only half the anime i plan to watch on my 3 week holiday!!!!

......what about the rest of ya?
I only watch Ippatu Kikimusume... it's hilarious! Actually, I don't really like anime, I'm more into Japanese movies (i.e. Gonin or Takashi Miike's flicks like DOA)
I just finished up Berserk. Pretty good anime, but the ending was definetly lacking in closure.

I still have to see Akira (gasp!), Vampire Hunter D (the original and 2001) and Ninja Scroll.
AntiPasta Posted on Apr 17, 2003 @ 04:47 PM


Gaz: no I haven't seen it. Is it good?

yea, it's alright.....strange DUBB it is......

Originally posted by MTXBlau@Apr 17, 2003 @ 03:07 PM

I still have to see Akira (gasp!)

Gasp ain't the word!!!!!! it's a MUST-SEE movie!
Good call!.........let's not get confused here tho..........sure Akira Yuki is a 'double 'ard Bastard' and he should be recconised!!!!(tho IMO Jacky is always gonna be better!)
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Even I have seen Akira.

The Virtua Fighter?

Him too.
Originally posted by Tiles44@Apr 29, 2003 @ 01:08 AM

Watching Evangelion (Dub), though im not sure on the voices

The voices........

Damm......u have an all star (anime) voice-over cast there!!!!! one of the best ever!

Spike Spencer - Shinji Ikari

Alison Keith - Misato Katsuragi

Amanda Winn Lee - Rei Ayanami (English Language Director for Evangelion Death/rebirth & End of evangeglion)

Tristan MacAvery - Gendo Ikari

Tiffany Grant - Auska Langley Soryu

Toji Suzuhara - Brett Weaver (But ONLY in the Final TV Episode, The rest was done by Joe Pisano)

Jason C. Lee - Shigeru Aoba (Also Co Produced the eva movies with Amanda)

Well Thats only half the main cast......you can find out more about them (what other series they have voice acted in.....HERE!

soon, you will start to know these voices and say things like (watching El Hazzard) Hey ain't that the one who did ryoko in Tenchi? ......and you would be right!