What brought you to the SX forums?

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In 2000 chritmas I got interested in reviving my old saturn, so i've searched on the web for saturn related sites, and somehow I found this magical

It was pretty different from what it is now.

Back then this place had LOTS of links for downloading games...

Hanged around a few months, checking out various sections, and as I had analog connection I couldn't be online much time nor download many games. I remember I got to open ALL threads with new posts, and disconnected from my isp, and then I read it offline
, i was amazed, like.. I though saturn scene was _really_ dead, I just found this site to be like a paradise to me

Anyways, some months passed over, and I finally joined the community, i got to read many threads namely those from Tech help section.. I've been here a long time without posting anything.. I just read and read, until I learned many stuff.. When I found myself confident in saturn stuff, I started giving help to newbies that keep coming here..
Hehe, i was into warez and looking for stuff to download off the net from what i can recall. Indeed the site was much different. I downloaded games but kept coming back. I wrote a couple reviews under the name KraZmix. To my suprise they are still there. But then i think due to getting a dreamcast, just stopped coming here. A few years later, about a month or two ago that i came back. It brought back old sega memories so i resigned up and started posting. This site is one of the greatest sites due to all the great sega fans supporting it and the masses of info on sega stuff here.
I think I foundS X when it was the period with a lot of ISOs, there was mySpace and I downloaded some games, I remember I spent more money than I needed to buy a game but it doesn't matter.

Also I waited between 6 months and one year (maybe) before registering because I didn't dare to register because I'm (still) not used to write in english.

Now I don't regret and it gave me the idea to try(it's far from perfect) to develop on Saturn. I made a viewer just for fun a long time ago and after a big web development for my job (from monday to sunday, sometimes up to 5h00 AM
) I went on holidays and I didn't know what to do and tried to port SMS emu, it worked only after 2 days. I try many things but I don't have enough time to finish all my tests
All about the games. I came here looking for downloads. But I have hung around due to this being an awesome site. I have found it to be a great source of techy info. Look at the current thread on Linux. Also, its a great site for interesting news and opinions. All in all, this site rates as my #1 site. I actually have it set as my homepage.
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Also I waited between 6 months and one year (maybe) before registering because I didn't dare to register because I'm (still) not used to write in english.

This was a small problem to me too.

This forums are the first ones i've seen. Even today, when I join some forums where posts are made in portuguese, I still get confused.. like, forum is SX's forum, everything else isn't really a forum
Originally posted by vbt@Jun 23, 2003 @ 08:07 PM

Also I waited between 6 months and one year (maybe) before registering because I didn't dare to register because I'm (still) not used to write in english.

I waited abouy 6-8 months too before registering just cause I didn't feel like it.

I didn't register til I had a nagging question to ask.

Before that I just lurked and read lots of good stuff

BTW, I came first for the info -- didn't download until much later
I came here about 2-3 years ago because a friend told me I could find Shining Force cd. Found it, got raped for asking a question.... didn't come back.

About a year ago I decided to give Saturn emulation a try. I downloaded SSF and set it up... but I needed the Shining Force 3, Scenario 1 ISO to play. Nothing else would do. A friend told me to come here looking. I found it, downloaded it, got sick of the horrible framerate on the old SSF... quit the emu thing.

Around November I decided I needed to get my ass around to buying a Saturn... so I came here so that I'd know some stuff to do with it once I got one, and perhaps have some games for it. I got around to buying the Saturn sometime in January, IIRC.

I just decided to stick around. I'm still mostly a leech, due to being a pretty big idiot. Eventually though, I'll catch on and be able to help out others a bit. I figure it's not quite fair to make the same dozen or so people be stuck here answering questions over and over again for an eternity. I'd kinda like to help em out a little, they did help me.
I came for the Saturn ISO's, there were quite a few when i started grabben em'
. Didn't have broadband then so i had to go to a friends house and use his cable connection to leech off the webstorage accounts to get the games. Lurked around the forums for about 1 year just reading and the like, then decided to register and started takeing place in the discussions. Now i register at almost every forum i come across, but this is still the one i most frequently return to....many times a day.

long live SX :cheers
I remember finding this site when i got poor and couldnt afford buying videogames anymore but i had to feed the beast within me(850 video games across 11 consoles, half legite). So i looked for saturn iso's and poof this site, to an eternal damnation of my luck it was just as SX stopped with the links and crap for iso's and the ftp section got shut down about a month later, but i still joined on the spot cause sega is all for me since my eight birthday when i received a genesis with sonic 1 for my birthday which was a huge suprise cause i was grounded and had to spend the whole day stacking fire kindling, tearing down a fence, shoveling cow poo, and cleaning the house(i grew up on a farm ok, things a strict on a farm). Im not much for posting, im not very sociable to things as you will notice most of my posts are spats of jiberish and talking in circles and sorry anyone who has a hard time reading english, you certainly wont get mine.

bleh, SX rules and i want a f-ing t shirt
The soundtracks brought me here. I lurked around a while, then i registered and stayed for Cynnamin.
I first noticed SX three years ago. Same ol' thing ISOs. The thing was, I didn't even own a Saturn yet. I had always wanted one. I had just gotten into emulation, and started looking for Saturn emus. I found Titan, and nothing really worked. I trashed it, and forgot about SX (because it obviously wouldn't run any games). I got a Saturn about two months later. I had completely forgotten about SX. A year later (July 7, 2001.. coming up on the 2 year anniversary thing
) I was playing my Saturn, then I'd remembered about SX. All I remembered was that it was called SegaXtreme. I searched it, found it, registered. I mainly only came simply because of the Sega community, and leeched quite a bit soon thereafter. I got into some trouble with Skank, got banned (not just my account, but a complete BAN! I couldn't even access the boards at all), luckily, Arakon noticed that I had done nothing wrong, and unbanned me. Skank started messing with my post count (I got as low as -66.. I think lower, but that's the lowest I remember, I SHOULD be in the 1500+ area though). Fell in love with Mysticales (damn I miss her), and just hung out. I haven't downloaded any games off of the FTPs in over a year, and I practically live here!
A few months ago I succesfully emulated a few isos from SegaCD that I really missed (I sold mine like 7 or 8 years ago to buy my Saturn) and I heard about people who downloaded games from the internet and played them in the real console... Since there are LOTS of Saturn games that were never released here in Brasil, I decided to give it a try and dug my Saturn from the closet. So, I searched for some directions regarding burning and the swap trick, and found this site. Now, I mostly annoy people here asking question about games tech problems, but I hope some day I can help answering these same questions to people who are new to the scene and are in need of some help.
2000 - 2001

I was wandering the net on my old 56K about 3 years ago. Stumbled upon this site with Saturn Iso downloads. Suprise?! I had a saturn with lots of imports and US games I was still playing. Downloaded a few Saturn isos, uploaded a few saturn iso's(this was on my 56k and before Myspace.com). Hung around and about through-out the whole myspace and membership stuff. Learned about emulation, went to seek emulation knowledge elsewhere. Visited very less frequently. Isos dissappeared. Had to re-register a few times. Forum software changes.

I now visit this site weekly. Mostly for Sega News and gossip. A Sega Fan at heart, even though i've gotten heavily into psx, n64, arcade, and every other type of emulation out there.
I bought my Saturn from Funcoland back in '99. Actually, I bought it for someone else but after testing it decided to keep it for myself. I played NiGHTS for about 6 months with no idea what the heck I was trying to do, since I was given no manual. After a while I got sick of it and searched online for some help. My searching led me to find out about Christmas NiGHTS, and at the time (June of 2000, I believe) this place hosted files in rotation, and they had it up. I was going to download it, but never did because of the joys of 56K. That, and I wasn't too keen on the swap trick. I've stuck around, more or less, in the shadows since that time. I did eventually get the Christmas version, $51 later though...
Even though it got a little off topic, you could have revived the What attracted you to this site!? thread.

Originally posted by mal@Nov 20, 2002 @ 11:32 PM

I think it was a chance google or yahoo search that brought me here. I lurked for months reading everything I could before I felt I had anything useful to add to the message boards. I'm not sure what I first posted about...
I came here because the Sega sites I had been frequenting were shutting down and I wanted to know more and try to gain information and knowledge from people who had real experience with the consoles and games I had grown to love.

I have played video games since I was a kid (late 70's - early 80's) but because we had very little money, I never owned my own console or games till I was out on my own.

I bought a used NES in '89, a used genesis from my buddy in '92 and my Saturn new in '97. I got my DC at X-mas '99 and I have only been buying games and the older equipment since. I have no console newer than the DC and I don't own a single piece of Sony hardware. I just won't support Sony.

I found out about the FTP section soon after I got here and I have downloaded a few games. I have even hosted my own FTP for a short while about a year ago, but it wasn't fast enough for most, and no-one ever uploaded. I only stopped it because I didn't want to pay for dns2go service when it stopped being free. I still have a bunch of games on my hard drive I could host, but I'll have to wait till I get a newer computer to be my dedicated FTP server.
I forgot how I got here. However, I do remember learning the Saturn swap trick after reading the FAQs in the misc section shortly after I joined SX. I've known about the swap trick for PlayStation and Saturn games, and I've seen some of my friends swap on their PlayStations before, but I was always curious as to how it worked. I was in awe when I successfully got Street Fighter Zero 3 to work using the swap trick with my AR4M+ cart.
I was one of the people who started with sx. came into the irc chan when it had 2 or 3 people and the site was about 5 soundtracks or something.

now it's all about r0mz, obviously.