What Continent do you hail from?


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Simple enough question. Don't post your exact whereabouts, just what continent your from.

I come from a land Down Under
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I'm from the "old continent", but we prefer to be refered as the "not-in-the-prime-of-it's-youth-anymore continent", thank you.

*We* prefer!??!?!

Not me..

PS... search my location
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PS... search my location 



I'm from this small country, the most western country in Europe
, geographicaly that is... cuz in everything else it a bit more like eastern european countries...

Great food in here
I Hail from a land of arrogance. A land that thinks because it has the biggest sticks, it can tell everyone else on the planet how to live their lives, who they can choose as leaders and which soda to drink. You know, the land where patriotism means "my country right or wrong" instead of "I uphold the constitution and believe it applies to everyone without reserve". That ever lovin', vanilla flavored U S of A. Long live the king for the king has no clothes!
Originally posted by CHAZumaru °_°@Mar 1, 2003 @ 03:24 PM

Portugal has nice Vodka (not kidding).


Portuguese Vodka?!?!

I had no idea!!

I know Portugal has good wines (Porto), but vodka?? that's more a russian trademark...

anyway, falstaff, "you know you're right" (kurt cobain, 1994)
You know, the land where patriotism means "my country right or wrong"

Oddly enough, I've seen an interesting expansion of this, something along the lines of: My country, right or wrong - when right, to keep right; when wrong, to put right.

I can't help but wonder whether this was the original intent or a clever counterspin...
Counter-spin? Yes I can see that. As far as the origins of the phrase...I have never looked into it.

I have had some interesting discussions about the kind of patriotism being displayed of late, especially right after 9/11. I find it interesting that for the most part, at that time, many were 'fanatical' almost 'cult-like' in devotion to 'their' country. I find liking your country to be rational. It is where you grow up and defines so much about ones perception of the world. But the fanatical devotion to a government has led, in some cases, to horrendous acts of violence. It is also, in my eyes, just another form of 'racism' based on the premise that 'my country' is better than 'yours', therefore 'I' am better than 'you'. 'We' have the better lifestyle and 'our' way of doing things is better and shows a higher degree of intelligence. It has caused and has been used as a cause for wars, building a support for them when it might have not existed.

One discussion I had with a young lady, I work with, led her to state that if a person does not vote in the elections, here in the US, then one has no right to complain about the state on affairs here. While on the outside, this seems a logical argument, in reallity what it is saying is that those who are here from other lands have no right to those granted in the constitution of this country. No right to any of its protections, which obviously includes that of free speech. In other words, if, for say, a religious reason, you chose not to vote, or maybe only because you don't like any of the candidates, you have no right to avail yourself of your constitutional rights. I pointed out to her the fact that nowhere does it state in the constitution that only those who vote are allowed these rights. She stated, in a huff, that she still didn't think it was right. I then pointed out to her that it was that very ellitist thinking, that the constitution was written to protect us from, that only certain ones are entitled to the rights outlined in that paper.

Anyway, I did not mean to go off on such a tangent but it annoys me that this country seems to think it has the right to decide for the rest of the world, when we have such large looming social issues here that are being ignored. No, I am not one who believes in hiding ones head in the sand from what is happening in the rest of the world. But,why not wait until we are asked before jumping in? And why be so hipocrital? Why ignore other atrocities just because it is not in our 'national interest' (ie, we might loose a buck)?

Damn, got a little serious there. I'll try not to let it happen too much.
Im from the great continent of North America (not to be confused with crappy South America

I'm glad to be part of this great, wonderful, and powerful nation that is...CANADA.

OoOoOoOo betcha weren't expecting that

Well, i'm from the contry where |Barracuda| lives :agree

And our best drink is the Porto wine :cheers

Too bad that the English are the owners of our great wine <_<